Principles of Journalism: The 5 W’s about me

Winter Seasonal 2015
Harley-Davidson Winter Seasonal 2015

Let’s get to it. 2016 has been an absolute bitch so far and it can be over any minute…especially from all my success in 2015. You know that feeling when you “made it”? Well I thought I finally did with a live and TV reporting gig for a racing series owned my NASCAR (the first time back live since reporting for Snocross and TORC Off-Road), a national ad campaign both modeling gear and riding motorcycles as a stunt rider for Harley-Davidson, several other projects/shoots and opportunities (maybe you get Costco ads or Field and Stream magazine?). And, well I didn’t. At least I can laugh about it. Good things come to those who wait? We will see about that! I am not one to wait around.

Who: I took a different path as a journalist/reporter. Being a snowmobile racer is already a niche in itself and it was my whole world for a decade which became my career (motorsports). I have enjoyed everyday of not having a 9-5. The spontaneity of what is the come, if anything, when the next paycheck will come and if it will (which is not as important as when it will) and the hustle and lifestyle of being an independent contractor. It truly has shaped who I am. Maybe I have commitment problems? Okay, I am an almost 30 year old dog mom who drinks a ton of wine, cannot wait for monthly clubs to come…we will get to all that.

What: I have traveled the country for so many years. Been so exhausted I felt sick. Been to new places. Met new people. Embarked on a new journey. Which lands me here on this blog as I search for whatever it is to come career-wise (hoping this blog might have an answer or open a new door for me). Nothing in life is guaranteed nor does it last forever. But, at this point, something would be better than nothing.

Where: From the frozen tundra of Minnesota, to the hustle and bustle of SoCal, back to the Valley of the Sun (at least three times wasn’t a charm, just two), I have a broad horizon (pun intended) of life and living experiences. The one thing is for sure, I am a small-town Minnesota country girl at heart and all be damned if that ever changes. Mama always said, “Don’t forget where you came from”. Experiences are far more important to me and valuable than money will ever be  (hence this “career choice” I have going on) but I really do have expensive taste.

When: Let’s get back to this. Daily rhymed a little with Dani and it had a good ring to it. I also post on the daily, annoying everyone who unfollowed me, on the several social media outlets I use (which really is just Facebook and Instagram). Which lands us here in the now  @danionthedaily.wordpress.com. You fancy huh?

Why: All this is the reason I am starting this blog. I want to share my thoughts, failures, successes, experiences, obsessions, you name it, loud and clear for the whole world to hear (errr see) it on a daily basis.

I consider this blog part of my journalism career since it is writing after all and I have applied for several jobs off camera. Note: I am a little rusty so I apologize ahead of time for any spelling and grammar errors. I hope you can keep up with my dog mom, wine loving adventures. Things are about to get crazy. #wildchild


  1. I love your career choice otherwise we would never have had the pleasure of working together and building this quirky (yes, I said it) relationship. You will always be RO for life!

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