Tomato Tamato

Let’s talk food. Right now on Instagram the #foodporn has 89,298,999 posts. Out of my 2,283 posts, and just in the top nine alone, three of them (ok four with Nokona eating peanut butter) include food.

Let me make note, I am not a Chef Selary (add her on Instagram @chefselary, then after drooling over her food that tastes even better than it looks…hire her) but I do enjoy cooking and baking.

I love food. Who doesn’t? I enjoy going out to eat because it is a great way to relax with friends and family, drink wine, pair food with wine, and have leftovers from the next day. Now that I live in the Phoenix area I find myself constantly eating out. I think Arizona has some of the best restaurants and I have traveled all over the county. A favorite hot spot of mine when friends or family come into town is Barrio Queen in Old Town Scottsdale (scroll through my Instagram to see a pic of their guacamole with pomegranate seeds tossed in) because who can pass up a bomb ass margarita and the best little street tacos, and I don’t even like spicy food! The price is fair. The food is amazing. Yes, eating out is expensive, but I find it a nice little treat (pun intended) and the leftovers are such a tasty bonus (usually one of those street tacos comes home with me). Some people hate leftovers, maybe you are one of them? I grew up in a house where your takeout box was labeled with “Dad do not eat XOXO”.

Don’t even get me started on dessert and my love for chocolate + wine. Focus, Dani, stay focused.

As a health and fitness junkie, I love fresh fruit and vegetables. After watching “Cowspiracy” on Netflix it has been hard for me to want to eat meat. If you are a friend of mine on social media you will know I can (and could) eat In-N-Out Burger every day (at least I don’t get fries and shake with it). Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think I would become a vegetarian…but I am. To each their own. I definitely eat meat still…when I go out to eat (street tacos at Barrio Queen)…but I am up in the kitchen with fish and eggs tossed with vegetables, instead of a chicken or beef concoction. I am hoping to see a price savings at some point too. Going vegetarian is supposed to be cheaper, and boy, I can out eat pretty much every man I know. Feel free to challenge me.

What are your favorite foods? Of all things, I am going with tomatoes. I remember as a kid having a whole, juicy, round, bright red tomato in my lunch box that I packed myself (with a peanut butter sandwich topped with something) instead of an apple. I know tomatoes have awesome health benefits (I am NOT a dietician) like anti-aging and cancer fighting deals. The best thing, they are quite a versatile vegetable…or fruit. I think there is an argument between professional tomato enthusiasts whether it is a fruit or a vegetable? I am going with vegetable. I want to hit that eight a day and every serving counts! Anyway, I love tomatoes because they come in so many types, colors, sizes, and tastes. I love pizza and caprese. Bloody Mary’s. Plus, they are a great healthy snacking just on their own. I have to have them on a salad and cannot eat a sandwich without them (Jimmy John’s you always have the best ones). Or a cheeseburger. I think I am really Italian deep down but I appear to the eye as a Swede.

Anyway, feel free to let me know if you have an awesome recipe that I should try to screw up. Too bad tomatoes don’t turn into wine like grapes do (I should really restart this blog post).

What is your favorite food and why?





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