The Bathroom Debate – My Two Cents

The transgendered bathroom debate…it’s a stinky one. (I am so funny.) I  can jump right into stating my opinion like I usually do, but I am trying to look at this from both sides.

I like in a CNN article where the reporter mentions the transgender bathroom order in relation to culture wars – sexual identity. Nondiscrimination is causing more discrimination in society.

So here is what I think about it and why.

From experience as a nanny with multiple families, the aunt of a seven nieces and nephews (this doesn’t include the fur babies everyone has even though it should), and as a gymnastics coach, it makes me sick to my stomach thinking that we will sending children into public bathrooms where predators, child molestors, and “sickos” will now be lurking. Predators have already been found inside schools. Inside churches. Outside schools. Outside churches. By playgrounds, sports fields and parks. Now, there is no stopping them.

No Obama, you dumb ass, schools should not have transgendered bathrooms.  No Obama, public bathrooms should not be unisex for several reasons. Sorry men, your bathrooms are disgusting and there is always pee on the seat, the floor, the walls, and I don’t like squats that much.

The Obama Administration can go ahead and cut federal funding to schools. I am sure plenty of parents will have no problem trying to raise money for schools. A lot of parents already have no problem paying for private education.

Shoutout to Ted Cruz and the State of Texas for standing up and fighting the Obama administration. Thank you!

He said, “I’ve handled far too many cases of child molesters, of pedophiles, of people who abused little kids. The threats of predators are serious, and we should not facilitate allowing grown men or boys to be in bathrooms with little girls.”

Maybe it is because I am a women that I feel this way. I don’t want to share a bathroom with men. Or little boys. As a coach, I don’t even use the bathroom with our athletes. I am sure I have shared a public bathroom with a transgendered person before and not known and/or didn’t care. I would assume transgendered people for years and at some point in their lives had to identify with one sex or the other.

I totally agree there should be no discrimination in schools but weren’t these transgendered people using whatever bathroom they identified with  anyway when they “had to go”? It clearly was working just fine. Let it be.

I am a traditionalist. I believe in male and female roles in the home. And in society. This is what I believe. I believe if you are transgender, you should continue to use the bathroom of  choice of which sex you have decided to identify with. There are probably a lot less transgendered people than their are pedophiles and sickos. Agree or disagree.

But here is the bigger issue. Welcome to piss covered toilets ladies. This is going to be fun and the conflict has just begun. Great job, again, America. This shit is not going to fly. Pun intended.




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