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Whelp, I hope I am not in over my head. All this social media. YouTubing, podcasting, snapchatting…I just started and my brain is on overdrive. I don’t even like social media that much but I see it will be consuming even more of my time. Hopefully for good reasons. And a good payback. Payoff. I think its payoff. I didn’t sleep a wink last night either because I have so much “to do” going on in my head.

Branding myself away from motorsports, yes that is what I said, has been extremely hard. I learned about this in my LA hosting and acting school. They weren’t much help besides telling me I need to “rebrand myself” to make it commercially. It has been hard because of several things. Racing and motorsports is me. It is what I do. It is who I am. It is my career. It is what I know.

But to grow in my career I need to broaden my experiences. Being in a niche is extremely tough. It has been very hard. I have hustled for a very long time. Of course, I am going to continue to but this year is all about growing myself and my brand, and being all parts of who I am. I can’t get a job in the news because “motorsports isn’t news”. Don’t get me started on job hunting…

It has even been hard getting agencies to represent me (and I am told OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I am “so commercial”) because I am “so motorsports”. It is hard being booked for commercial work and other opportunities because I am “so motorsports”.

Please support me as I grow my brand “Dani on the Daily”. I am not creative. I have no direction. I have no clue what exactly I am doing. But for several years I have fallen behind in this social media game. I am just going to start shooting. I am just going to start talking. Because talking is what I am good at.

So anyway, Dani on the Daily coming at you. Loud and clear.

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