Leave it to me to wreck a good thing. Insert sarcasm.

Let’s get to the point of this daily rant since I am Dani on the “Daily”. Here is what I think about today’s #wearorange ordeal. Yes, I said ordeal. This is straight up in ANOTHER anti-gun protest/movement from a bunch of pussies and uneducated American citizens who need to get educated and spend a few hours at a gun range.

So what does all this #wearorange mean? I really should not have used Teen Vogue as my source either, but too late, we are rolling with it. Click here for the full article.

On Jan. 29, 2013, 15-year-old Chicago high schooler Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed, just one week after being in President Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

I am so sorry that her family had to endure that lost. I don’t wish it on anyone. Well, I do, if you deserve it (insert rapist, pedophiles, criminals, and other worthless, dumb people) or if you had it coming. And, I love how this article mentions Obama in the first sentence. The writer just had to throw that right in there. Point blank. Pun intended. I think that is part of this problem and the black lives matter movement has just added to this propaganda.

But let the shooting at UCLA be yet, another, reminder that gun free zones DO NOT work. Clearly. Clearly, they do not work. The San Bernardino attack is another one. This list will get extremely long if I keep going. Which is sad, yes. But guns aren’t the problem. People are.

Yes, we have extremely alarming and high numbers of gun violence in this country. Per Teen Vogue article:

According to Everytown for Gun Safety, there are 12,000 gun murders every year in the United States, and Americans are 25 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries. On an average day, seven children and teens are killed with guns in the U.S., and in an average month, 51 women are shot to death in an act of domestic violence.

Guns aren’t in the hands of the right people. Criminals will get guns no matter what. Just like they do drugs. But the issue isn’t GUNS people. The issue is people, people! The issue is our society. The issue is our criminal justice system. Or lack of. Our issue is mental health. Or lack of. The issue is parenting. Or lack of.

Solution? Education in schools has become an OPTION. Gun education is NOT an option. A quick history lesson needs to be thrown in there too. Harder punishments for criminals. A better health care system. You picking up what I am throwing down?

Orange meet-ups in Chicago? That ought to be good. The “keep calm and wear orange” just gets me going too.

Per Teen Vogue article:

“To honor her life and raise awareness of gun violence, her classmates and friends decided to wear orange, the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others.”

Really – “the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others”?! In my opinion saying that is like walking into open fire with your hands up. You have a target on your back.

I think this is offensive to hunters.

I think this is offensive to educated, legal gun owners.

I feel like a lot of these people were raised without fathers, or mothers, good parents who could hold their own and raise a strong family and individual(s). A father’s job is to protect. To teach. Sorry, call me old school, and this isn’t the “same world” (and now this could lead into the whole gender roles issue and all that b.s. going on so let’s not get me started on that). I am a women who learned how to shoot a gun. I slept good at night knowing that my Dad would protect us. Because guess what? If someone wants to rob us, they will try. But at least we have some backup. I knew  no one would get into our home. Or if they did, they wouldn’t be leaving without a fight.

Yes, my family hunts. We don’t kill to kill. We kill to eat. I never argued with my Dad about that. And I knew all those guns in the house would protect us. As well as feed us. They would protect me. And now, I know how to protect myself. I know we are much safer citizens knowing that we can exercise our second amendment rights.

It is a new generation of pussies. And those of us who understand this…can see point blank (I did it again) what our world is coming too.

I pray someday if I am ever in a position that I need to protect and defend myself and those around me, I have the knowledge, skills, education and equipment to do it.

I am a proud supporter of the second amendment and our right to bear arms in this country. Guns aren’t the frickin problem. People are. Bad people are. Yes, guns scare me, but I learned to shoot one. I came face to face with my fear. Now, I am not so scared anymore but I do need more practice so I can take someone out in one shot and not two. I learned the reasons why I need to know how to shoot one – especially with all the mentally ill and crazies in the world.

Thank God my Dad taught me to use a gun. My paintball skills aren’t too bad either. I feel a hell of a lot safer and a much stronger American citizen being able to exercise my second amendment rights and understanding the importance of them.

I believe this girl deserves to be remembered. Just like anyone else who has been taken from us too soon. Rest in peace angel.

Where do you stand? Wait, I don’t really care. But enjoy wearing orange today if you are anti-gun. I hope you educate yourself and purchase a Groupon at a gun range so maybe you will see the other side of the fence.





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