Leggings of the Month Club

My name is Dani. I have an addiction. To leggings. Wine too, but we will save that for another day.


Of course, I tell myself it is “fitness motivation” but really the addiction and passion for leggings is because I hate pants. I hate all clothes really. If I could live in bikinis, and/or leggings and sports bras, I would be totally contempt. And have a lot more money. And a lot less clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in years. Speaking of which, I need to do some summer cleaning.

I have never been one to buy or shop at Lululemon. Honestly, I own two headbands. For one, that is all I can afford. For two, that brand (from what I know) is not made in the USA. Beyond Yoga is though, and you will see me wearing and promoting that brand when  workout because it is made in the USA.

I came across the Leggings of the Month Club on Instagram and gave it a try for a few months. What a fun surprise to get in the mail. Plus, it might give you motivation (like it does me) to workout.

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Want to join the Leggings of the Month Club? Here is the link if you want to subscribe for just $29.99 a month (and that includes shipping and handling). You can also send it as a gift to someone special, and I must say, that is a great gift idea for any fit chick that you know! My birthday is coming up…

Subscribe to Leggings of the Month Club Here!


This is not a paid post! I only promote things to you that I honestly believe in. Trust. Use. Love. And enjoy.


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