Women Voting For Women, An Anti-Feminist Post

I am not Tomi Lahren. I am also not an idiot. Family, faith, freedom and love of country, amen Tomi, these core values should be instilled in all Americans. They are in me. But most of us, are missing several parts. Which is why our society is in wreak havoc. How can you really disagree with that?

I don’t care what gender you are or what gender you associate with, oh man, am I a sarcastic one. Let’s get to it. You don’t vote for someone just because they are the same skin color as yourself. You don’t vote for someone because they are the same gender as yourself. You vote for someone because you agree (or disagree) with their stance on key issues that will, hopefully, better, America. We vote for a better life. Or a worse one if you pick the wrong candidate. Ladies, don’t vote with your vagina.

You know what I am so sick of hearing from my shitty generation? I am not voting. I’m not voting. I won’t be voting. I think we all need to go back to grade school and retake history class and political science. So, why do we vote? Need more reasons to vote? Here are 50 reasons why you should vote.

Welcome to my political rant about this election and what Presidential candidate you should be voting for. There is one right answer, if you look at all the issues and not just one…because this country is a hot mess.

If the news media outlets don’t need to be politically correct, either does Donald Trump. I don’t have time for political correctives either. Nor do you. When did our society become a bunch of pussies? Oh, I remember, in recent years where we became more concerned about social media likes than of social issues.

I don’t even like that word (slightly feminist of me), but to be politically incorrect, we are going with it because it is the truth. I am not offended by anything he has said. It is funny to see the people who are though. The celebrities who should really look in a mirror. Call me judgmental. I am always working on becoming a better person – personally and to better society. Here is a more detailed description of Things Donald Trump Has Said About Women. Which, again, I was not offended by any of them. I love being a woman in a man’s world.  It has shaped me to be who I am and I think I have turned out alright. Our gender roles in society are very important. Our gender roles in the home are very important. There is a reason why God created a man and a women. It is called balance. The libra in me loves that scale.

I don’t understand these modern day feminists. You want a strong man. But you want to be strong. You want equal pay with men. But you want to be a stay at home mom and a wife who doesn’t work. You want to be rugged. But you want to beautiful and sexy. You want to be a construction worker but you want a pink vest. You want to do what a man can do but we aren’t built to do things men can do. I was a professional snowmobile racer. I competed agains the men, sometimes won, but a lot of times I lost. I work in a male dominated industry because I love it. I love feeling empowered. I love getting my hands dirty. I love doing what men can do but I know I am woman. And I like being a woman. Hell, yeah, I am a tomboy. But I am also a woman. It is fun to be the woman I want to be depending on the woman I should be. I don’t want to be a man. I want to be a woman.

My job(s) are based on sex appeal and I am okay with it. I get paid because I am pretty. I get paid because I am sexy. I get paid because I am good at what I do. It empowers me. It motivates me. I am a confident and strong woman. I work hard for what I have. I can provide for myself but maybe someday when I get bored of drinking wine alone, I will settle down and get married and maybe have a family. More dogs for sure. I would love a man to provide for me but I don’t mind contributing because I would hate to have a nasty divorce. What is yours is yours. What is mine is mine. Unless your Bernie Sanders, or a Bernie supporter, than what you think is mine is yours. Hate to tell you. Not going to happen.

Oops, focus, don’t get off track. Sex sells in our society. It has been this way for a long time and now you are all getting angry because a man all over the media is agreeing with this? Where have you been!? He is a man who believes in the role of men and women in the home and in society. He believes woman can be strong in the workforce, hence his TV show. So he can’t say what he thinks about other people but other people can say what they think about him? Oh, my Lord. Now, for my favorite ecard. Ladies and gentlemen, it is called free speech people.


Now to the point of this daily rant. Women want a woman in the White House just because she is a woman. Say that 10 times fast. I think that is stupid. Not that tongue twister part.

I have done my research on the candidates. And, I sure as hell am not voting for a women just because I want “history” to be made. I am not a feminist (we will save that topic for another day).

I am not voting for a women because I am a women. There are very few controversial issues that are “women only” related anyway so this is just getting ridiculous. I seriously think most women haven’t even done research. Most women promoting Hillary are doing it just because she is a woman! I bet a majority of them don’t have the slightest clue of where this country is headed, what Hillary stands for on key issues…they just want “girl pride”, strong women unite, women lead the world, and women should be equal with men.


What about what you are actually voting for?! When the hell did record making, or record breaking, become more important than the controversial issues in our society? The research I did and what I found was why I chose to vote for who I did in the primaries. Donald Trump.

Hillary you will not be getting my vote. I don’t like where you stand on “most” very important issues that will dictate the direction of our country and our future, God help us. Ladies, don’t vote with your vagina like Chelsea Handler or Christina Aguilera. You can see what I mean by looking at their twitter accounts. It has nothing to do with key issues it has everything to do with gender. I know in this election more woman will vote than probably ever before simply because a woman is running for President. I don’t know statistics but did more black people vote because a black man was running for President? I would assume? We are all so concerned with gender and race issues, than key issues our country and society is facing. Vote with your brain and knowledge. Let me help you. Click the link.

A Side-by-Side Comparison Between Candidates on Key Issues

It is a great side-by-side comparison of the candidates right?! Now where do your opinions aline with theirs? Where are you pro/con? I know where I do.

Hillary, the only thing I agree with you on is that when it comes to  “Health Care, Abortion, & End of Life Issues” it should be my decision. Not my neighbors. Not a man’s when I am a women. I am not asking someone on the street what career path I should chose. Or how I should spend my money. Or what I should have for lunch. It isn’t your decision. Neither is any life choice or decision I chose or want to make. It is America. The day a man, or ANYONE, tells me what I can and cannot do with my body, I might as well become a Muslim and move out of this country.

Obamacare is a fucking disaster. I don’t have health insurance and I haven’t since he went into office and I graduated from college. I am not buying into this nonsense because if I  get cancer, I don’t have the money to cure myself anyway. On that topic and that of abortion, I use Planned Parenthood for reproductive care, yes. I think it is a great place for affordable healthcare for not just women, but men too. Sexual issues, birth control, STDs, etc., are uncomfortable topics and the last thing I wanted to do in high school was discuss them with my Mom and Dad. I am glad I had a place to turn too and didn’t have to go their with my parent(s). That is where I can afford to get my annual physical and breast exam and my birth control. Thank you Planned Parenthood! It is my body. My right.

Moving on.

Tuition free college? Guess who will pay for it. Tax payers. Just like we do for grade schools. I paid for further education with student loans and working several jobs like a lot of college kids and grads. I will never forget learning about how many diverse and foreign students at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls were receiving free college education, and  some weren’t even citizens of this country, but I couldn’t afford to eat in college. Cool.  My middle class parents who have devoted their whole lives to 9-5, and then some, made too much money for my college to be free. I worked a hell of a lot harder knowing that I was paying for my education than  I would of had it of been free. Thank God, I was able to dig up that information as a journalism student. It made me so angry. And when UWRF calls me to donate money…kiss my ass. And stop calling me. I still have student loan debt. I paid for my own college. I have rent to pay.

The tools to succeed in this country are available to everyone. People are just too lazy to utilize them. People feel they are entitled. It is up to YOU to get the most of out your life. It is up to you to apply for yourself. It is up to you to work hard and put in the time, so it pays off in the end. Maybe more kids need to be in sports? Don’t get me started on participation medals.

Every candidate wants to raise taxes. Except one. Death penalty? Sure, do it up. Why do I think this? I want safer streets. I don’t want my money going to keep criminals and assholes alive. They weren’t contributing to society then, they won’t now. A nuclear arms deal good for America (Foreign Policy) are we dumb? 9/11. San Bernardino. Are people this stupid? Let’s make friends with the enemy because they will play nice now. No. Not having it.  Immigration is a huge issue and that is because of 9/11 and terrorism. Terrorists are coming into this country through Canada and through Mexico and through any open piece of land. Look at some other countries and don’t tell me they don’t have better border protection. Come to this country and play by our rules. Learn English. Learn our culture. Get a job and work like everyone else. This free government handout shit as got to stop. This is why there is protesting and riots. This is why we have so much a anger and rage in our country. It is because some people think they are entitled because its america. Is the black right mater movement good for America? WAKE UP AMERICA! Clearly we have more anger, rage and social issues in this country than ever before. Obama started it. This isn’t new because Donald Trump is trying to change this country. Hillary, you better learn to shoot a gun because this issue of race just got a whole lot hotter and not because of your competition. There are more sex and gender issues, race and hate issues than ever before. It started years ago and it is just getting worse.

Of course, medical marijuana should be legal for those who need it, but where do we draw the line? When I was strolling along the Santa Monica Pier a few months ago, I will tell you one thing. Plenty of people were hanging out on the sidewalk surrounded by smoke and going in and out of those weed hospitals. They didn’t have jobs and weren’t dying of cancer. They were high as hell. Holding Bernie signs. I wanted to shoot myself. Is this really the future of our youth? I am so grateful and blessed to be raised how I was. I have smoked pot a few times. I just think we need to get a grip on it like alcohol. I don’t even like having one drink and driving a car. But people can roll around under the influence of marijuana and its okay…hmmm…anyway.

That is where I stand on just a few issues and who I agree and disagree with.

Here is what I think about what happened in the last election.

Our President is our President because of his skin color. People voted for him simply because of his skin color, not just blacks but whites. But isn’t that racist? I think so. Congrats, we have our first “black” President. Congrats, look at the mess our next President gets to clean up because issues didn’t matter. Skin color did. I hope this next one is a lot more patriotic and respectful to our military. But skin color “doesn’t matter” right? Wrong. It clearly does. Once again, look at how much more hate, anger and rage we have in this society. It is like the Civl Rights Movement all over again. It is 2016. My Mom always says history repeats itself. She always says things are like a circle (for the most part how we are raised is how we raise our children and fashion trends repeat). I agree.

There are so many female celebrities, several of my favorites like Chelsea Handler and Christina Aguilera, promoting Hillary Clinton because she is a woman and they want a woman for President. Makes me view them differently because they don’t promote her thoughts on building the wall or not, foreign policy, taxes, eduction, abortion, etc. Don’t get me started on the ridiculous amount of campaign money where we have healthy animals being euthanized every second of the day, criminals being fed and housed, 22 veterans committing suicide daily because of of mental illness because they can’t get adequate medical care, I can’t even get adequate medical care because I am a 1099 contractor, there are homeless and starving children, a shitty education system where we are behind so many other countries, people burning cities, outrageous amounts of crime and shootings in gun controlled areas (cough, Chicago), and then we have those people who dedicate their lives to saving and helping other people, and to duty and freedom, getting paid jack shit to do it. This is a scary world we live in. History repeats itself. It already is. I am not racist. I am not feminist. I just want a society where we can prosper, be free, and respect each other. This where I will leave you.

Here is the link to my YouTube episode about voting with your vagina, well, I mean, hopefully not voting with your vagina. Cheers! Click here. Don’t forget to subscribe!




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