#stopYulin and #stopYulin2016

You can smell the blood. You can smell the death. You can see the blood. You can see the death.

I haven’t slept good in days. I can’t get the horrific images out of my head. I can’t act like this isn’t happening. I can’t pretend it isn’t happening. I cry. I have cried several times a day. My heart is broken. My stomach is in the bottom of my feet. My mind just can’t wrap my head around this reality. The photos are just absolutely sickening. Put yourself into the minds and bodies of these animals. Maybe a fire, I hope, will light in you like it does in me.

I am sobbing writing this and I just started. I am so angry. Angry at these people. Angry at this act of horrific torture. Angry at the Chinese government for not stopping this in the 21st century. I am angry at our government for not doing more. I am angry at neighboring governments for not doing more.

I am angry and so incredibly sad for these poor innocent and helpless animals who can’t even fight for their lives. I can’t imagine the pain. The fear. I can’t imagine the suffering. I just can’t imagine it. It is real. It is so real. It is happening. It is happening again. And AGAIN.

As gory and upsetting as this dog meat festival is, I beg you, and plead for the animals that are being tortured this minute, the ones dying this second, the ones dying in the next minute, and for the next MF 10 days, do not pretend this isn’t happening. Share any social media you can. Ask people to donate, too. Share the hurt. Share the sadness. Share the success stories of the animals people like Marc Ching have saved so far. He has removed hundreds of animals from slaughterhouses through his efforts of the Animal Hope and Wellness program. It is just beginning. What about next year?


Praise, pray and God Bless Marc Ching and his efforts for Animal Hope and Wellness.  Spread the word about #thecompassionproject.

It looks like the Humane Society isn’t doing much. They aren’t fighting this as hard as they should be. The Humane Society International seems to be more involved. I don’t know the different on a business level.

Please follow his Facebook page and Instagram account as he documents all that he is doing right now. He hired a videographer to help him spread this message and capture this cruel festival, and the harsh reality. His message needs to be heard. His efforts need to be seen. We need to pray for him. We need to help him. We need to help these animals. We need to stop this.

Ching has been beaten up. Followed. Threatened. Full of blood. Full of sadness. He is risking his life to save as many animals from death as he can. I can see his pain. See his hurt. See the blood. See the sadness. I see the hard work. I see the dedication. I see the photos and videos on his Instagram that bring me to instant tears.

I shared video and photos of me sobbing over this. I can hear the screams of these poor, helpless souls scared for their lives in my head when I imagine it. I can’t block it out. I can’t block out these images. And I shouldn’t. I can feel their pain. I feel so helpless being here why they are there. We need to #stopyulin2016. Now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today.


This is the hardest and most heart wrenching things I have ever had to write. I am in pain and all I have done is “like” his posts to let others know I am following this and I am engaging in the fight too. I am retweeting and interacting about this harsh reality on social media on all the outlets I have. I’ve donated a whopping  $50.00. I will try to adopt one of these pets that are brought back. I have followed several other non-profits and social media accounts fighting this #stopyulin battle too and reposting their messages, and following the progress. The #dogmeattrade and the #dogmeatfestival must end.

For the animals being saved, their lives and tough journeys ahead are just beginning. They need treatment. Therapy. Loving homes. Training. Medical attention. Organizations like the Humane Society International and Animal Hope and Wellness need any dollar you can spare. They need to get here to the USA where they are safe.

What enrages me more is the news articles and the ignorance, and the lack of media attention and social media attention this is getting. It is growing slowly. It shouldn’t be.

There are articles saying how we eat meat and then comparing our culture to that of the dog meat festival in which animals are being tortured, burned alive, and skinned alive – are you kidding me? This is two totally different things. These people are doing this for fun and celebration. These kids are doing it for fun. There are smiles on their faces. There is rage in their eyes.

We commercially kill our food in a manner completely different from this (well we are supposed to). But after seeing a bacon video grinding up live pigs whole in a blender, I am done eating that too. I quit eating meat so I don’t have to support this any longer. I am a vegetarian focusing on a Mediterranean diet for health, disease, fitness, evironnment and for the love of animals, because of this and the amount of methane cows produce in our environment and everything else I have learned in the food documentaries. There is plenty of research out there and available to you so do some, and maybe you will change your ways like I have – not just for you and your health, but for those around you and the environment, and the lives of beautiful animals who don’t have a voice.

We aren’t (for the most part) tortuing and burning live animals. We aren’t starving them. We aren’t cutting them to pieces to leave them to die a slow and painful death some 20 hours later. We aren’t celebrating a bloody massacre.

This is not humane. We need to stop Yulin now. I am begging you to join the non-profit organizations, donate whatever time and money you have, adopt one of these dogs who will need a loving and safe home, share news articles and messages across your social media platforms even though it is brutal, disgusting and sad. It is a 10 day long festival. Ten days. One down and a lot more to go. Over 10,000 helpless animals are tortured. We need to stop this. It isn’t going to end until we as Americans stop it.


I first came across this last year, just last year. Now, this has been going on for so long. 10,000+ animals each “festival” are brutally murdered in this inhumane celebration. I understand this culture eats dog meat but it is the act of which is inhumane, brutal, tortourous, and sickening, that it must end. End of story. I can’t stomach the thought or wrap my head around it but I also turned vegetarian awhile ago because I just can’t justify this anymore. We have a voice. They don’t. Speak up.

I donated $50 to the Marc Ching’s effort. I say a prayer for him and all these animals and activists several times a day, and don’t go to bed at night until I say one more prayer. He is not only saving lives but risking his own.

Please match my donation. I challenge you. Here is the link. Donate Now!




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