It’s Wine Wednesday

Happy Wine Wednesday and cheers, friend! I have uploaded some YouTube videos from last weekend’s trip to the USA World Super Bike race in Laguna Seca (right by Monterey a.k.a. wine country). But first, we had to go wine tasting. And that we did.

My good friend Brian, who is a retired road racer and the CEO/ President of an awesome company called Riders Discount (it’s a motorcycle parts and accessories shop out of Holland, Michigan, but don’t worry you can order online), sent me a plane ticket.

Well, I wasn’t going to bail. Pun intended. Especially when he said the boys over at Pirelli Tires would provide the ultimate race experience. In his past he was not only a pro racer but a team owner. And me, I am a pit reporter and live announcer, and also have some racing experiences in my past. So when we think of racing, we think of work. Not this time.

I was going to be able to drink wine and watch some racing. Can I say that again? I got to drink wine and watch road racing! Only in my dreams have I imagined being able to combine two of my favorite things! And I didn’t even have to bring my own bottle. This experience was beyond everything I could have imagined. It was really a dream come true. I am spoiled by good companies and ever better people like Riders Discount and Pirelli Tires.



We had wine. Lots of wine. Food. Lots of good food. Laughs. Lots of good laughs. Some belly aches. We had racing. Lots of good racing. That all got me thinking about wine. And where it all began and better yet, what this is leading too. Insert YouTube. My Youtube channel is pretty funny and it needs to start paying because drinking all this wine is getting expensive. Enjoy the videos here!

So what did we drink? Well we drank a lot of white. And I was always a red drinker, same with Brian. White or red? Red. Rosé or red? Red. That Moscato never did it for me. I think I had a sip when I started drinking wine because everyone says start with that one…but it was just way to sweet for me. I kinda just went right into the reds. Mainly because we have heart problems in my family genes so I thought I would do myself some favors and get ahead of the game. Not to mention, all these articles keep popping up about exercise time and the relation to a glass of red wine. I like where that news is headed. Even though I love fitness and have always been a “fit chick”, I really like wine. I like both. But I like wine more. Especially red wine.

But beggars can’t be choosers. We enjoyed some damn good chardonnay.

I have moved a lot. In Minnesota, white wine never appealed to me. Maybe it was because of the cold weather and a glass of red just seemed to warm me up, rather quickly.

Then I moved to Arizona. Then I moved to San Diego. And now I am back in Arizona. So white it is. White is crisp. It is great to relax and cool down after a long day, and the heat here is rather intense. I am not complaining, I do enjoy it, since Minnesota is, well, completely opposite. But why have white when you can have rosé? It is like the best of both worlds. So I will leave you here with this. Find a happy medium. And when you do, drink up.

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