10 Reasons Why Sleeping in Sucks

Hello, Saturday morning. Wait, it’s almost noon and I haven’t even had coffee yet. Or breakfast. Now my whole day is thrown off. And it is time for lunch already. But I haven’t had breakfast…and I just woke up!?

As much as I love to sleep, I fight with sleep. I am always in a lack of sleep. I don’t sleep. I want sleep. I can’t find the perfect amount of sleep, but I know too much and too little all to well.

Who doesn’t love sleeping in? We all do but I think it does more harm than good. Even though it feels so good, at the time. Sleeping in has become my demon and here is why. (Mainly, because I don’t get anything done already, thanks ADD, and before I know it the day is done).

  1. The best part of waking up…is coffee.
  2. With that said, coffee just doesn’t taste as good if not consumed first thing in the morning.
  3. You miss your workout class that you planned on attending “first thing in the morning”.
  4. You missed working out all together because now it is noon and the rest of the day awaits and you have shit to do. You are already behind so who has time to go workout?
  5. Breakfast now becomes lunch, and your whole eating / meal plan is thrown off.
  6. You almost feel more tired. Well, I do. Even though it felt good at the time.
  7. Your whole day is thrown off because you are now hours behind schedule.
  8. You just woke up and before you know it – you are back in bed. Again.
  9. You feel disorientated. Or at least I do.
  10. “Hurry it up! We’re burning daylight!” – John Wayne


Photo by: Lauren J Photography, Scottsdsale, Arizona


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