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Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. I am a proud supporter of products Made in the USA and I go out of my way to purchase them. Let me introduce you to Tervis!

Tervis tumblers were invented the same year as the microwave oven – in 1946 and right here in America. Discover the ultimate combination of personality and performance. Tervis drinkware keeps hot drinks hotter, cold drinks colder, is customizable, made in America and backed by a Made for Life ™ guarantee.


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I have three reusable water bottles (sequin “D”, one with flowers, and Dr. Seuss) and four decorative tumblers (snow leopard print, MN Vikings, Fight Like a Girl breast cancer, and Harley-Davidson). I have purchased about ten of these so far (gifted a few, and lost a few). I use two of these everyday. Literally! No joke. Every morning I make my iced or hot coffee drink in a tumbler and we head to the dog park. The water bottles  – I carry that with me everywhere I go (let’s not be wasteful). They are the perfect size for a protein shake too and keep it much cooler than shaker cups – fit chicks check it out!

I also drive like a crazy person. Nokona climbs everywhere in the truck when I drive and likes to stand on the center console. I have flailing arm syndrome too – never once has one spilt on me or leaked all over my truck.  Several times I have knocked one off the counter too and it didn’t busted open when it hit the floor. Now that is high quality, protection! I don’t know if I like the lids or the bottles better!?

I bring them everywhere: to the dog park, in the car, on the airplane (flight attendants gladly fill it up for me). I always have one with me when I travel. It is easy to fill it up at a water fountain plus I don’t waste money buying expensive bottles of water in the airport (the landfills have plenty of crap and waste already – don’t add to it).

I use my Tervis 24 ounce Tumblers all day long – not just when I am on the go! Ummm…they also make some for wine. I need to add some of these to my collection because glass isn’t allowed at the pool, and they even come with a lid to keep cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot. Just saying’!


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