Looking Sharp Like a Cactus – Fashion Friday

Happy Friday! I like FriYAY better. Say it out loud – scream it from the roof top! Doesn’t it just get you excited for the weekend?

Cacti are the new stripes and everyone is obsessing over this summer trend but when you live in Arizona it’s hard not to love them year round.

I fell in love with cactuses at first site. I moved to Arizona from Minnesota with my best friend Amanda because she came here in 3rd grade and remembered loving it – so we packed up our stuff after I found what would be our apartment home for two years online, and we moved across the country. I had never even seen or even been to the desert before. Yes, I am crazy.

I screamed the first time I saw a cactus. Ok, I was screaming all the way down the 10 freeway from Flagstaff to Phoenix because I just loved them! I was so crazy excited I couldn’t contain myself. I was laughing at how they looked covering the hills and the mountains because they weren’t trees like we were used to – they just looked so funny and random. I liked how they all looked like they were flipping’ me off. Now, my favorite part of hiking is because I get to site see the cactuses and I like how they each look different and no two are alike. I still can’t get over it. This makes both, Amanda and myself, laugh to this day.

I have even started collecting things with cactuses but mainly because I live in Arizona and moving here inspired my cactus collection but not just as a fashion trend (but it does make sense).

The first thing I purchased was this awesome wine stopper (duh) from a little shop in Old Town Scottsdale. This just had to be apart of my wine collection – for obvious reasons and for $5 it was just too damn cute (and perfect) to not buy. It is my favorite wine stopper.IMG_9830The second thing I bought over two years ago (almost three) was an agave cactus that was supposed to get quite large but it recently died (even after having it in San Diego) but I can’t come to terms with removing it from the yellow pot that I planted it in. I can’t keep anything alive. They told me it didn’t need maintenance and I couldn’t kill it – they were wrong. And, yes, I did water it. I am not sure how it made it back here and then died. Insert women in real life…


Cactus inspired accessories (from t-shirts, muscle tees, shoes, to jewelry) and home decor accent pieces (like real cacti, pillows, artwork and candles) are easy to fall in love with as a “Southerner” but cacti have gone mainstream – there is even a cactus emoji. I use it often. Anyway, here are my two cactus shirts and one outfit because cactus inspired fashion “is so in right now”. Just throw on some flip flops, keep it simple – it’s hot as hell out there.

Outfit Details
Muscle tee by Midnight Rider, lace bralette in ivory (because real bras suck) by Flaweless, distressed jean shorts from Express, Truly Madly Deeply Fun Icons Tee in Cactus from Urban Outfitters (pictured solo)

View More: http://laurenjphotography.pass.us/dani-1

View More: http://laurenjphotography.pass.us/dani-1View More: http://laurenjphotography.pass.us/dani-1

View More: http://laurenjphotography.pass.us/dani-1
Photo Credit (unfiltered and unedited): Lauren J. Photography, Scottsdale, Arizona


Cactuses are inspiring our homes and our wardrobes (there are so many cute things out there and I want them all). It is a fashion and home decor trend that I am totally ok with it and absolutely in love with! Here are some things I found on Pinterest that I absolutely love and I can’t wait to purchase (especially those turquoise cactus earrings)! I have a shopping problem. Do you too?

Cactus inspiration doesn’t end there. Cactus jokes are too cute and I love to laugh so I figured let’s throw these in here while I wrap this up. I will leave you here with my favorites:

  1. I’m no cactus expert but I know a prick when I see one.
  2. A cactus is just a really aggressive cucumber.
  3. Go sit on a cactus.
  4. Don’t be a prick.
  5. Free hugs.







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