Music by Bishop Briggs

I love music! Do you love music? What kind of music? I am so not picky with what “jams” I listen to…except rap. Not a fan of most of it.

Why do you love music? I love music because it makes me feel a certain way. I can listen to music that matches the mood I am in. Music can bring up. Music can bring me down. Music heals me. Music makes me stronger. Music inspires me. Music motivates me.

I am really starting to love all the new “jams” that I hear on YouTube videos and Instagram edits. I figured I would share a few with you since I haven’t blogged in awhile because I have been binge drinking, insert sarcasm, ok, I’ve been working and some partying was involved LOL! A lot of partying – almost more than working.


Anyway, I came across the songs below and wanted to share them with you because I think it is hell-a good. You will too.

She was named Artist of the Week on June 25 by Apple Music. She is obviously on the Billboard Top 100 and made it up into the Top 20 too. Once you listen you are hooked! Now, have you heard of Bishop Briggs?

Well if you don’t know, now you know (there I am with that rap thing, again).


Here are the two songs of hers that I came across on Instagram. Buy them on iTunes now so she knows we are listening and will create more music for us!

$.69 for her song "River" (that is not even a dollar). Buy it here. 

$1.29 for her song "Wild Horses" (it is worth much more than $1.29). Buy it here.

I wanted to share both of these songs with you. Put the Bishop Riggs playlist on repeat. Thank me later.

Indie Pop seems to be my thing lately. Do you have some songs and artists you want to share with me? Comment. Tag me. Let me know.

I’ve been a fan of classic rock and alternative rock for years (I am an 80s child). Country music is my absolute favorite. Rap not so much…unless it’s the few hits we all “jam” out to at the bar and in the car!

Now, love me like a river…wild horses run faster, run faster…wild horses.




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