The Reality of Blogging

Let’s be real. Unfiltered.

FML! WTF was I (am I) thinking!? #baddecisiondani – shit, I even have my own hashtag.

Blogging is a full-time job and I am not even getting paid for it. It is more than forty hours a week. You live it and breathe it. It is fun! Believe me I am not complaining.

I am only about five months in (August didn’t really count since I didn’t post much of anything because I was traveling and working). It is getting better, slowly. Slowly getting easier. I am not talking about the actual writing part that is the easy part for me. Slowly growing.

I have always liked writing. I think I write with personality. I write from the heart. I write from the soul. I write because I love it. I write because I need to feel like I invested in the right career field ($40,000 later). I feel like my words, thoughts, feelings, emotions, excitement, sadness –  it all comes to life if you really READ it. Let it sink in. Laugh with it. Cry with it. Love it. Hate it. Hell, even tell me what to write about. What do you want to read on my blog?

I became a journalist because I like to write and I like to talk. Yes, I love being on-camera…interviewing and reporting is the most fun and I can’t believe that I get paid for it. But just like blogging and vlogging…the hustle is real.

Bloggers aren’t journalists technically. You don’t have to have a degree in journalism to be a blogger. Hell, you don’t even have to have a degree in journalism to be a broadcaster anymore. (Don’t let me get off topic and rant like I so love to do.) I have an advantage here. There is no college course or degree for blogging but being a journalist does help. I think my journalism degree has inspired me to blog since nowadays blogging is journalism. Being a freelance writer is probably the hardest freelance position to obtain in the journalism field and I tried. And I gave up.  So here I am as a blogger. Creating my own content. And working for myself. I mean, it is like being a freelance writer right?

Figuring out what to blog about is the hardest part for me. This isn’t easy (the time, the money, my lack of creativeness, investing financially). I have the time right now more than ever but building a brand is just like a business and you have to invest in it.

If you build it they will come.

This is the harsh reality.

There are some good bloggers out there and I don’t know how they have done it. Most are just normal 9-5 people who quit their shitty day job to become a freelance writer. Clearly my background (and my career choice) isn’t helping in the success of my blog and vlog (which is extremely frustrating because of what I have done and I should have the following, and I don’t LOL). I am not a beauty blogger. Or beauty vlogger. I am not a fashion blogger or fashion vlogger. I am still trying to find my direction with all of this and it has been so damn hard. I think I am just a complex person. I am not into fashion or makeup that much that I can blog about it – I think it is all a waste of time and money but us women in today’s society need to roll with it or it won’t be pretty. Pun intended.

I still haven’t figured out how people have made money from this (and I almost have a degree in business too). College didn’t teach me shit, honestly. I have learned more about life and my career, and blogging and vlogging, in the real world. You can see that I am anti-college. I think it is a waste of money for 70% of people (maybe more). The doctors, engineers, and lawyers alike – they need the schooling and the certificates. Then again, there are classes and trainings for bloggers…

I have figured out how to spend, though. Photoshoots cost money and as a model I know this. I have found cheaper, more affordable photographers however. I have invested in a media kit. I have invested in a logo. I have bought a ton of clothes and received a lot of free things, too. Blogging is expensive! It pays to play, though. But how much do you spend and when do you quit investing? I have utilized as many free resources as I can and even scored some free photoshoots with my modeling background. But in all reality content is king.  (I learned that in a social media post printout haha.)At the end of the day it doesn’t matter “who” you are. It matters what you deliver.

I am still trying to figure  all this out for myself because that is how I learn. So I am continuing with my blog and vlog and want to thank you for joining me on the journey.

Stay tuned for the reality of vlogging. It is pretty similar to this but even more time consuming. And, I need a lot more wine to vlog. That gets expensive.




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