30 Days to 30 – Day 1 – Greatest Lesson I’ve Learned

I decided to live my last 30 days of my 20s living life to fullest. Living life to the fullest to me means cherishing moments, living more truly, feeling and loving more deeply. It means doing little things. It means doing big things. It means just doing. Just being. It means breathing more heavily. Feeling more aware and alive, and putting more life into each moment and into the days.

Where have the last 29 years gone? I blinked. I feel like the last 10 have flashed before my eyes. I have been blessed with mainly triumphs and not trials. Probably to prepare me for the trials ahead.

I will be blogging something short and sweet (let’s hope) once a day for the next 30 days. I want to think. I want to dig. I also want you to think. I want you to dig.

Along with this, I am vlogging something every day for the next 30 days so subscribe to my YouTube channel here. It should be an exciting month as I challenge myself to live. And to do. And to be.

So, for you, there is a lot to keep up with. So let’s get started…

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What is the greatest lesson I’ve learned so far in my “almost” 30 years of life?

The greatest lesson that I’ve learned is that tomorrow isn’t promised. I have really tried to live my life this way, well since I turned 18 and my decisions were in my own hands (I have made some good ones <insert sarcasm>). I have tired to live for the day. Live for the moments. I have tried once a day to stop. Stand still. Breathe. And think. Think about myself in that moment. What it means to me. What is going on around me. I like to reminisce in my mind and in my heart where I am in that very moment. How I am feeling. And what I am grateful for. How blessed I am.

If I can share the greatest lesson I’ve learned with you so far it is to stop and smell the roses. It is to live like you are dying. Live your life to frickin’ fullest. Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t let anyone slow you down. Don’t let anyone dictate your feelings. Your emotions. Your life.

Another day has passed. I won’t get it back. When you realized you can’t get these moments back and that tomorrow isn’t promised – it is a very scary thing. Something that hopefully awakens you.



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