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Frye ankle boots are a fall favorite

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. I wanted to share with you what I bought myself for my  “dirty 30”! Not a motorcycle. Sadly. I didn’t get enough bills paid off.

So what did I buy? I bought myself boots to get “dirty” in. Boots to eventually ride in. Fall boots from the Frye Company. Frye Company makes the best boots for fall, and well, every season really. They are perfect for everyday. I couldn’t decide on just one pair so I got three pairs of fall brown boots. My closet is all black boots so it was time for some brown boots outfits for fall and winter. Happy boot-day to me!

Nothing is more American than American made Frye Boots!  I guess I am late to the game…because I just came across this brand. I don’t own brown boots. Not one pair. Not lying. Hard to believe with the bookcases of shoes that I have on display in my bedroom there isn’t one pair of brown boots. Nor did I buy just one pair.

I bought three as pictured (let’s say I am now prepared for fall and motorcycle riding).

Outfit Details:
Top boots are Veronica Stud in Cognac, middle boots are Sabrina 6G Lace Up in Saddle, bottom by Parker Moc Short in Cognac.


Photo credit: @badtotheblondeblog

I had a coupon code so I bought a few pairs and saved 70%. They have a HUGE sale going on! Which is why I bought three – it was like I got a pair free. You still don’t want to know the total (and I can’t tell you but go shop and you’ll figure it out) but they are so worth it. You can feel it. You can see it.

Stay tuned for a blog with some fall outfit ideas with these boots!

So what’s so good about them? 150 years of American made craftsmanship. The Frye history and heritage goes into every single stitch of the boots, shoes and bags. Not to mention: The Frye Company is honored to partner with Feeding America® to help end hunger in America. Feeding America is leading the charge to feed America’s hungry, and is the leading domestic hunger-relief charity in the USA. Frye has a long-standing heritage of giving back to the community, dating back to the days of our founder, John A. Frye. This legacy of helping those in need is at the heart of our company values, and we are committed to continuing the tradition with the involvement of each and every Frye employee.

Happy birthday to me!

Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy, and whatever you do don’t let me down.



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