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Black and White Everything

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. It is still summer here in Arizona and as a Phoenix blogger – dressing and OOTDs aren’t always easy for me. I think it is still summer in Minnesota, too, according to my Facebook feed. Mother nature is confused. Fall where are you?

Maxi dresses never go out of season. How can they when there are so many different fabrics, colors, and styles? Date night? Maxi dress. Beach? Maxi dress. Lunch with friends? Maxi dress. Cleaning house? Maxi dress. Formal dinner? Maxi dress. Wedding? Maxi dress. You see where I am going with this…a maxi dress is the ultimate basic piece. Nothing beats it. They are adaptable, handy, and versatile.

My closet is full of them because they are so simple and work with every (and any) occasion, event, and day of the week (I hate jeans). They are my go-to. Summer. Spring. Fall. Winter. Why? Well, am I wearing underwear? Am I wearing a bra?  Only I would know that! Man, it feels good to be free! It is hot out? Is it cold out? You get my point.

In the fall and winter – just add a leather jacket or a sweater. For the tomboy in you – add a leather jacket. In the summer or spring – bare those sexy, strong and toned arms and shoulders, and go strapless, girl. Dress it up by simply adding some bling/jewelry or a fun hat to accessorize it, fancy girl!

I feel like black and white won’t ever go out of style. And as a Phoenix fashion blogger, I love my stripes against the desert backdrop. Stripes are so bold. Yet, oh, so simple. I think stripes works with every skin tone, hair color, eye color, body size, body shape, race and gender. Besides maxi dresses – my closet is full of black and white.

I think black is a happy color! It is bold. It is daring. It is elegant. What other color(s) are that versatile? I wear a lot of black. It is my go-to color. With that said, I feel like I live a very colorful life.! Maybe it is just my surroundings or my personality…


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