Bad Santa

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet and I don’t even like saying the “C” word until Thanksgiving is over (nor do I decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over), but I’m going to let you in on a secret! I have been organizing the 12 Days of Giveaways contest (like the 12 Days of Christmas) that you will find on my Instagram @badtotheblondeblog.

You can enter to win any or all of the giveaways on my Instagram starting December 1 and ending December 12! Only one winner is selected each day/per giveaway but some of these gifts can be shared (hint, hint).

12 giveaways for 12 days

I am doing this contest early because I want Santa to have your present(s) under the tree before Christmas. Just call me Bad Santa because after-all I am a rule breaker. I don’t want to wreck your Christmas entirely, but you will know what you are getting if you do win (for the most part). Sorry, not sorry!

There really is something for EVERYONE. I promise. Him. Her. She. He. The adrenaline junkie. The caffeine whore and oh, so much more! Each day is something different. No two days are the same and it starts in 10 more days…so please add me on Instagram!

This was our family photo with Santa last year. He was a Bad Santa, too!

The Naughty or Nice List

I have so many awesome brands and companies that I truly love, believe in and adore (and I have very dear, loving friends)…and they share with me so I want to share with you this Christmas. There are some really cool gifts on the “list” and some expensive ones too!

I want to give you a gift (or at least a chance at winning one) for all that you have done for me this year. You are the reason I love to write, share, post, blog and vlog. You are the reason I smile (thank you so much for loving me, giving me your time, and sharing your comments and my content with me and others). You are what I am grateful for this Christmas. You are a gift to me, really! So with that said…insert Christmas music and drum roll please…

Have you been naughty or have you been nice? Only if you have been nice will you be receiving a gift. See how that works?

Share, Tag and Win

If it isn’t too early to talk Christmas you have some work to do to win but most of it is obvious and just like the other Instagram giveaways and contests out there:

  1. Share/post the giveaway of the day to your Instagram (Facebook if you want to, too!)
  2. Tag me @badtotheblondeblog and tag the brand/giveaway of the day in your post
  3. Tag at least one friend (or a few if you want to, too) in your post
  4. Tell us why you want to win the giveaway (please entertain me) in your post
  5. Finally, when you receive your gift you MUST post a photo of you with it (so we know that you got it) and include something on the lines of “THANK YOU (yours truly, hehe) and MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

Now the fun part (besides receiving)…is to watch for the winner to be announced 24 hours later (the next day) before the next giveaway is posted! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.


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