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Yoga mats shouldn't end up in the landfill. However, the cheap yoga mats always do. And that makes me sad. Manduka is changing the way we practice and influencing how we treat the earth. Never buy or throw away another yoga mat again! Invest in your yoga practice with the best yoga mat and yoga towels! Manduka is an environmentally friendly, sustainable yoga mat company. Manuka wants you to find your soul mat today! Then practice on. For a lifetime. Invest in one solid yoga mat. One solid foundation. Let me help you shop for the best yoga mat and yoga workout towels now!

Yoga starts with a solid foundation. Invest well and practice forever. Over 20 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills each year. Cheap yoga mats included.

Manduka’s sustainability efforts don’t stop where your mat ends. From towels to props, they make every possible effort to minimize environmental waste. So yes, the world needed another yoga apparel and accessories company. Manduka began with the black mat but there is so much more (my shopping cart is full). The main thing I love about Manduka is their “Made for Good” philosophy about how the yoga practice and the planet are intertwined, so they honor both the practice and the planet. They made a yoga mat good for you and good for the environment. I am telling you – do not buy another yoga mat from Target or Wal-Mart. Hence, “another”. It will end up in the trash because they aren’t build to last. I’ll put your yoga mat money on it. Your practice, your body and mind, and the environment, will thank you when you invest wisely.

I love yoga! Yoga has changed my life mentally, physically and emotionally. It challenges me in more ways than one. There is nothing like coming to be “one” on the yoga mat. On the yoga mat nothing else going on in the world or your life in that moment matters – just your breath and your existence on the mat in that moment. It is your place. Your time. Your place to just “be”.

Manduka X Mat

Yoga really is great, right? If you haven’t tried it – let this get you on the mat, literally. At the bottom of this blog is 10% off link to save you some money on your first and last yoga mat purchase. Yoga is like the gift that keeps on giving – especially when you make a solid purchase because we both win!

Whether you’re searching for a long term relationship or just a partner to get sweaty with, finding your perfect match is a matter of personal taste. Find your soul mat™ with Manduka. Choose wisely, then let the good times (un)roll.

If this blog works and I got you on the yoga mat please let me know! Share your story and your photos with me. As a yogi, my journey had to start somewhere too, and now that journey has led me to become a Manduka brand influencer and brand ambassador! I sought out the opportunity because of how I love yoga and the environment, and I needed a new mat and strap, and a bolster and blocks for home. This is NOT a sponsored (paid) post for Manduka but if you do make a purchase from any of the links that I share I will get a commission – so thank you! I am by trade a professional spokesmodel and promo model, and I take great pride in promoting only things that I truly trust, use and believe in. I hope that you will trust in the yoga brand that I want to associate my name with.

Manduka Spring '17 Yoga Mats

If you already are a yogi then you know the name Manduka. If you are a mediocre yoga practicer, like myself, then it might be time for you to upgrade your mat and get Manduka. Your practice (and your knees, back and ankles) will thank you for it. No matter what, you fall into one of these categories so keep reading…

For years, I have spent money buying cheap yoga mats for about $30 from places like Target that don’t last (ok, I’ve bought two but that is two too many) to continue buying another cheap yoga mat and adding to the landfills (one of mine is in there). It is well worth investing in a solid yoga mat like one from Manduka. You will spend so much time on your yoga mat sweating (and possibly crying or sleeping), meditating, and being at your weakest/lowest or at your strongest/highest. It is so important to invest in a good one. One where if you sweat too much you won’t slip. One where you have enough cushion for your joints (if you are like me, I have arthritis everywhere from my back injuries and now I have bad knees, too). And more importantly, one that doesn’t have to be replaced! That is the thing I love about Manduka. They pride themselves on not adding to the landfills because these yoga mats come with a lifetime guarantee and the company prides themselves on minimizing waste. Manduka yoga mats are manufactured through an environmentally friendly process too that ensures no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere. Healthy for your wallet, your health and well-being, and the environment.

Manduka Spring '17 Yoga Towels

The quality and performance of Manduka yoga mats and yoga accessories are still unmatched in the marketplace. I swear by the absorbent, non-slip and quick drying, eQua® Yoga Towel. Spread it over your yoga mat to provide a sanitary and slip-resistant surface or use it on your face and grace your sweaty skin with it’s absorbing pleasure. These yoga towels put shamies to shame. No joke. You won’t return it. If you want to – I will save you the trouble and reimburse you myself. I won’t practice yoga without my Manduka eQua® Yoga Towel. They work great for all types of yoga including vinyasa and power yoga. But they don’t have be limited to yoga. I highly suggest bringing the eQua® Yoga Towel to your Crossfit workouts and weight training sessions. The crappy towels supplied for free at your gym suck and won’t suck up sweat like these workout towels. I can’t wait for you to see how they compare! These towels are crafted using simple, enduring, natural, and whenever possible, renewable materials and a fine attention to detail. Yoga, again, for the win.

Manduka is a company built by and for yoga teachers and their students. We are still evolving, still introducing new products, and still celebrating the spirit and wisdom of yoga teachers and their students. From the road less traveled, something great and meaningful has arrived.

This is why I love the Manduka brand, and all the products in the product line, and I am so proud to now be a brand influencer for them. Watch for some cool yoga pics to come!

A yoga mat can make the world of a difference, literally. So shop Manduka and invest in your practice and your mat. Then practice on.

Manduka Spring '17 Yoga Mats

Be strong. Be sexy. Be classy, sassy and a bit yoga bad assy.


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