Top 5 Cyber Monday sales and Christmas deals

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. Black Friday is over, thank God, and it is Cyber Monday. But let’s back up. I participated in Black Friday once with my cousins after Thanksgiving dinner when I was like 24 to see if it really was how people say it is. It was. I won’t ever do it again (I don’t think they have either). I have made a promise to the betterment of American society to not participate. Sorry if you do, really, I am sorry. Y’all are crazy. From my one Black Friday experience, it was sad to watch people push and shove each other. I behaved as an on-looker and tried to stay out of the way. The only thing I bought was some diamond earrings from the Zales Outlet which I ended up losing later anyway because, like usual, I cannot have nice things.

The worst part about Black Friday is..we just gave thanks for all that we had the day prior and now we are purchasing more materialistic shit that we really don’t need. I won’t lie to you. I shop Black Friday deals online only because it makes me feel less guilty. Maybe more people get to stay home with their families than go to work? Sometimes I have made a purchase or two. Or three. You won’t see me out and about. Hell, no. I stay home in leggings and Mukluks, burrowed up on the couch in a blanket with my dogs while drinking wine (I did not say glass or bottle) and casually add things to the shopping cart that I won’t actually buy (I do try really hard not actually buy stuff and it sometimes works). I have started my own “retail therapy” to break my spending/shopping habit and I practiced this on recently on Black Friday. I “pretend” to shop! Add things to cart. Type in discount code at check out. See amount of total savings. Close browser.

I will like I said, though, I stay home in the hopes that these cute small businesses (no big box here) get my order(s) processed first thing Monday! I don’t physically need any of this stuff right this moment and I can wait with the hopes that these small business owners and employees have the day off and are spending time with their families. I find it fun waiting for the mail to come – everyday is “mail day” (or Christmas)! I even vlog about it on my YouTube channel!

Rant over about Black Friday…it’s time for Cyber Monday!

These are almost every company  as of right now that I collaborate with as a brand influencer and promised them that I would share their sales and specials with you. I can make commission (this blog doesn’t exactly pay) so I appreciate your business. Shop from these links! Several are environmentally friendly companies (Manduka yoga apparel and accessories and Tervis water bottles). Some are gifts that keep on giving with no contracts/no “what’s the catch” (both Rocksbox and Leggings of the Month Club you can cancel whenever).

I have something from every store listed below (ok, a few things, no joke) – like I said I have a spending a.k.a. “support” problem. You’re missing out if you don’t at least check these out for the people on your Christmas list!

Do your Christmas shopping now and maybe even get yourself a little something too – because “wine” not. Take advantage of these sales today! Click the pic for more info!





Manduka Holiday Gift Guide



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