Furbo dog camera review

Purchasing the Furbo dog camera was well worth every dollar! I use it daily. It is fun for me and the dogs! Scroll to see who likes it more...

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Dog Mom. Dog lover. Do you have a pet? Do you have a pet camera? Well, I am dog obsessed and so I got my dogs a Furbo Dog Camera for Christmas, and you should, too!

Furbo versus Pet Chatz

I have wanted a pet camera for a long time and because of the recent discount code/sale on Amazon…we now have one and so does my best friend! Those Pet Chatz ads always pop-up on my Facebook page so I checked it out but they are really expensive which is why I went with the Furbo Dog Camera instead – plus training my husky to use it required no training. That’s a first! The Furbo doesn’t have a “paw” remote either. That would not have worked for us!

I have a Siberian husky (’nuff said) and a doberman lab mix who is a shelter dog, and both my fur babies have some separation anxiety. Nokona, the husky, mainly gets bored and destructive when left alone and Reese, the doberman mix, makes me want to cry when I leave the house. I consider myself a dog mom and when I am not traveling for work, I am always home or we are at the dog park. I love my dogs, and other people’s dogs, more than anything.


Do you ever wonder what your dog(s) do when you aren’t home? Is your dog(s) destruction? Does your dog(s) have separation anxiety? Do they really just sleep? Who are they barking at? Are you just dog obsessed? These are the reasons why I caved in (it was on sale too so I couldn’t say no) and spent the money to get a pet camera for the dogs.

Santa came early this year…my dogs got a Furbo Dog Camera for Christmas! They love it! I love it! It is so fun and easy to use! We also made a video for you!




Furbo setup is easy

I decided to record a vlog, too, about the Furbo Dog Camera for my YouTube channel to show you the setup process, how to use it, and my overall review and thoughts about the Furbo once we got it up and running! Setup was fairly easy despite the technical difficulty with the wifi and bluetooth not connecting…which wasn’t hard to troubleshoot even for me (I don’t do technology anything). My best friend also had similar issues with her setup so we both suggest to plug it in, download the app and then reset the wifi and bluetooth on your phone since that is what we did and it worked!

I also tested it with a different treat (I broke up hard biscuit type treats) because my husky can’t have chicken and it worked just fine. Check the warranty though…I just can’t have nice things so if it breaks I won’t be surprised.



Furbo is worth every dollar

The Furbo Dog Camera sells online for $200-250 ($249 on the Furbo website) and I ordered mine on sale with my best friend on Amazon with a discount code so we each paid $159.37 (saving each of us about 34%). This pet camera is worth every dollar…or until my dogs get fat from all the extra treats because the camera is so fun for me (and them) to use and I have a huge cellphone bill because I used up all my data…the data usage will be the ultimate test. Like I said, I am a crazy dog mom.

Furbo features

The features are awesome and it is now more affordable so get it here. The camera is a 120 degree HD camera with night vision and the light indicator attracts your dog’s attention with yellow and blue lights – since they can only see in yellow and blue. The app alerts you when your dog is barking and can be used as a training tool. Plus, because of the app you can always check on your dogs! You can also tape the camera (3M doubled-sided tape is on the bottom base) to the ground or another surface if your pet tries to knock it over.

I give the Furbo Dog Camera an A+ for design, ease of setup, how easy the app is to use, and of course the entertainment I got from it was worth every dollar! My dogs love it. My dogs like the treats. More importantly, my dogs figured out how to use it right away! Even the husky who can’t/doesn’t learn anything, instantly caught on to the sound the pet camera makes when a treat is going to pop out. So now she sits and lays in front of the camera just waiting for a treat…and doesn’t let her brother in on it.

Now, I hope they don’t fight over the new toy.

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