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There is only one wine club that is fun, Winc (pun intended) and comes only when you want it to and with what you want it to. If you shop for wine based off a cool label - I am Winc-ing at you! This is the wine club for you! Explore a world of wine with Winc. It's the most, and the best, convenient way to wine taste what and when you want around the world and right at home!

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily.  I love wine. Everything about wine. Red wine. White wine. All wine. I love getting wine. I love the best wine. I love gifting wine. Even if it is gifting myself (like I do several days a week) with wine. I consider myself a professional wine drinker just because of my passion and ability to drink…a lot of wine. You can’t be a “professional” without being in a wine club, right? Insert Winc (it used to be called Club W). I came across it on Instagram – like I do almost everything. So of course being the professional wine drinker that I am and seeing some cheap, fun labels on these bottles (like Funk Zone pictured below) I had to join, duh! I buy wine because of the label stands out to me – I think it makes drinking wine more fun when there is a cool label on the bottle. Some “professional” I am…

Wine sommelier

I have been a member of  the Winc wine club since July, 2016. I want to share this wine club with you because of the holiday season and member benefits. This is not a sponsored post but if you become a member I receive a $13 wine credit for a free bottle! We both win. Winc! Pun intended.

You don’t need to know about wine or even be a professional wine drinker because Winc teaches you about wine. How to pair wine. How to drink wine. How to pick wine. Can you see me winking now to get you to get Winc? I am so cute.

I have learned so much about wine from joining this cheap wine club, it’s not even funny. Okay, it kind-of is. I buy wine for the fun labels. I buy wine from the cool labels. This wine club has the best wine labels!


Winc’s story began in 2012 when we founded Club W: the world’s first personalized wine club. We made the process of discovering and buying wine easier than ever — and as we expanded to other facets of the experience, we became so much more than a club.

Not another monthly club

How does it work? Winc connects you to a world of exclusive wines tailored to your tastes and delivered directly to your door through your Palate Profile™.  You start by answering six questions to assess your unique tastes. Then they send you wines recommended and specifically chosen to match your palate and more importantly – your budget. Once your wines come, indulge then rate each bottle to get better recommendations (and discounts on wine).

No more staring at bottles of wine in the wine aisle confused on what makes one different from another…French versus Italian, pinot versus noir (just kidding), why are all the reds the same color! Is there a wine god? Don’t waste anymore of your time at the store reading wine bottle labels. Let Winc do the wine shopping (and pairing) for you!

Cheap good wine

You can select one of two price levels (neither are expensive) and easily change it. Winc Featured wines are exclusively from the $13 bottles. Winc Select wines are recommend wines exclusively from the Select bottles and are priced $14-$35. See, this really is a cheap, affordable wine club! Trust me, $8 bottle of wine is NOT good wine. You’ll be quite the wine drinking pro when you start to drink (and share) good wine!

A lot of people shy away from online shopping because of the additional shipping + handling charges. Bottles of wine are heavy which means expensive shipping costs. Good news, Winc pays the shipping and handling fees when you order four or more bottles of wine! Bonus, order a fifth bottle of wine and you get 10% off the whole order as well! If that is too much wine for you – skip the next month!

Wine club features

There are a lot of things that I love about Winc besides the box showing up on my doorstep! First, the wine comes from all over the world but from small lots (80 unique vineyards) – it is all about high quality wines with distinct character. Second, the wines are shipped in recyclable bulk containers and bottled in California. Third, each wine comes with an individual tasting note notecard telling you all about the wine from the flavors you should taste to the body (on a spectrum of light, medium to full). The tasting notes also tell you how to serve the wine, where the wine is from, what grapes (varietal) the wine was made from, how the wine (should) smells and what you can pair with the bottle of wine. The information cards will really educate you about what you are drinking and what you can pair it with (bonus recipe on the back). Finally and probably the best part about this wine club, is that you can easily skip a month without being charged by simply clicking “skip a month” under account settings. Good wine. No commitment.


Motorcycle wine

How cool is this red blend bottle of 2014 Funk Zone? It is one of  my favorites from this wine club because of the label and I love all red blends…and here I thought I didn’t like Syrah. It pairs well with steak and white cheddar panini sliders (recipe on the back of the tasting note notecard) and now I am both hungry and thirsty!


Rate and you shall receive

There are also some cool member savings benefits, too. For every 10 wines you rate (drink and think), you’ll receive $10 in credits for more wine! Invite a friend to be a member and earn up to $26 in credits! Bring on the free wine! And lots of it! You can also save 10% on orders of 12 or more bottles  – so save and then skip a month or two (or three). And skip the grocery store, save on gas and your time, too. More time to drink wine!

Want more red? Less white? More white? Less red? You can select how many bottles you want and easily adjust your wine club settings every month if you want to in your profile settings. No commitments. No minimums.

Less whine, more wine

Winc is the way to go for wine! Get started now and add any (or all) of these bottles of my favorite wines below to your first shipment! If you don’t like a bottle, you don’t pay for it. Everyone of these I have ordered again…

You can try Winc wines starting at just $13 per bottle. Let me know what wines you selected and what you thought of your first shipment! You will love it too, I promise. It is an affordable, fun and easy, no hassle wine club and because of that I put the Winc wine club at the top of my list for online wine clubs. It makes wine buying (and tasting) easy, fun, educational and rewarding!

Cheers and happy “Wine Wednesday”!


Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.



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