Be all you can be in an Army green olive dress

Welcome to look three in the "Be a Rebel with Class" lookbook series. Olive green won't ever go out of style so make one sexy Army green dress piece a wardrobe staple. You won't need combat boots or basic training.

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. Welcome to look three in the “Be a Rebel with Class” lookbook series. It’s a look that is classy and bad ass, yet rough and tough like our Army but you didn’t have to get your ass kicked in boot camp. However, if you’re going to show this much leg – I highly suggest some basic training. Pun intended. Though an Army green olive dress is so simple worn with the right fall boots, this might just be my favorite look because of my American pride and love for the Army and the stars and stripes. I feel like this look is a way to show your support and appreciation for our armed forces and veterans! Hooah!

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Olive green won’t ever go out of style so make one sexy, army green dress like this one a wardrobe staple. Basic training suggested. Duty and honor not included.

Olive green will never go out of style. Not even in Phoenix – insert sarcasm – we could use a little greenery in our scenery. As a Phoenix blogger, this olive green dress from Express is a fall staple for me and I think it is easy to see why in this simple style. There is nothing more Americana than that olive green Army color and you don’t even have to wear it with combat boots. But definitely wear it with some boots. Get ready for some real girl G.I. Jane outfit inspiration right here. Don’t worry, you won’t need to shave your head.

This Army Green Olive Fashion Trend We’ll Defend…

According to Wikipedia, the first recorded use of olive drab as a color name in English was in 1892. Then it went on to be the standard fighting uniform color for U.S. GIs and military vehicles during World War II.

If the government issued Army green olive is the new black, I would be totally ok with it. Army me up.

It is a color that you can pair and wear with anything,and it’s okay if you keep it basic. You can go camo (my favorite print) or keep it simple and wear an olive green dress shirt paired with boots and a choker like what I am wearing pictured below. With simple Army green olive pieces like an olive green shirt or olive green jeans, adding other textures and accessories is easy, fashionable yet sexy and bad ass!

I don’t want the Army green olive trend in fashion and street style photos to end…and so far it is a trending right into most wearable winter fashion! And, if you are over winter already then think spring. Go Army! Olive green is such versatile color that you could wear almost all year ’round. Save your stars and stripes, red, white and blue, for summer.

Army Green, Hooah!

Military fashion trends are perfect for street style outfit ideas and not is more easy, and bad ass, than army green. As well as a respectful, symbolic, fun and easy way to share your American pride too. It is the color you can wear with anything and it’s totally okay to keep it basic (training, hehe). You can go camo, which is one of my favorite prints, or keep it real simple like this olive green dress shirt paired with Frye boots and a choker like pictured below. With simple pieces like this shirt dress and brown boots, adding texture and accessories to olive green is super easy. I am far from a fashionista. I would, also, never describe myself as fashionable. I’m just a basic bitch. A G.I. Jane of sorts, though. By the way, Demi Moore killed it as G.I. Jane. It is one of my favorite movies.

Like leather, that Army green olive color won’t ever go out of style. Or at least, I hope not. It has been around since 1892. The patriotic color works on everyone. Every skin tone, eye color, hair color and decent. It is a symbol of America and if that isn’t truly American, that I don’t know what is. It’s perfect for the streets. So perfect, militaries all over the world use this color and that to me is fashionable, and bad ass AF.

Duty, Honor, Country

Do your fashion duty and carry the Army green olive fashion trend from fall and right into both winter and spring. Especially if you are over winter already…olive green clothes are totally spring worthy. I do live in Arizona so this army green olive dress outfit will never go out of style. I can wear it almost all year long since there isn’t enough “green: here. I was surprised that wearing a dress shirt like this would be so much fun, and easy to style street style! Plus, it shows off your legs like you just graduated from basic training. Well, as long as you did the work. Don’t hide them this winter. Pun intended. Phoenix blogger approved.


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Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.


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