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Five pieces for the perfect flannel outfit

Welcome to look four in the "Be a Rebel with Class" lookbook series! This is totally classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. Welcome to look four in the “Be a Rebel with Class” lookbook series! This is not your stereotypical flannel outfit. I’m about to sex up flannel with pleather (if you’re vegan) or leather (if you aren’t). Being from the frozen tundra, I wear skirts and dresses all year long so this winter is no different. As a Phoenix blogger, wearing skirts in the middle of winter both encourages and motivates me to continue to workout even though it’s cold “AF” out. Yes, it gets cold in the desert.

Flaunt your hard work and toned legs all year ’round – don’t quit just because it’s winter. Squats and skirts. Squat for your skirt. Skirts go good with squats.

Sorry, not sorry, if you’ve seen this look before on my Instagram or in a previous fashion blog post – I shared it back in look two as a bonus look.  I am sharing it again because ’tis the season for flannel. Enjoy my sexy flannel, christmas party approved outfit (if you’re coming to my Christmas) that will work for any party, any where! Baby, it’s cold outside but it just got hot, hot, hot!

Whether you are going to family Christmas or to a holiday party, this sexy flannel outfit is Christmas casual yet Christmas classy at the same time. You can show as much or as little boob, I mean skin (to win), as possible. It is cute, cozy, casual and classy, and the perfect winter outfit for any occasion – it really is the perfect holiday Christmas outfit this season! If you don’t have a blue flannel you can always wear stereotypical trendy red or green flannel, but don’t forget that blue outfits work in winter, too! Ice, ice baby. I just love it! Leather is the perfect thing to wear with plaid flannel shirts this holiday season because it adds texture and warmth, without looking too country. As much as I love my country girl roots – cheap flannels and ripped jeans just aren’t classy or dressy winter fashion trends.

I feel like a supermodel in this look (even though I am just a Phoenix blogger and Phoenix commercial model who several inches too short for a runway show) because tall thigh high black suede boots create the illusion of longer legs even if you are petite like me, and taller boots add some warmth too if you are baring all this winter. Everyone will compliment your holiday outfit since you look like you just walked off the catwalk and right into Christmas. You’ll even turn Ol’ Saint Nick’s head. This look just screams rebel supermodel, where’s the paparazzi when you need them? At 5’4” even I look a hell of a lot taller in these pictures!

I don’t know why I love this look so much. Is all about the boots? Or the skirt? The blue Dixxon flannel (the guys are actually right here in Tempe but you can order online)? Street style means sex appeal + simplicity. Street style is all about being able to go anywhere in what you are wearing, right? If you can’t hit the streets than where will you go?

What is sexier and more rebellious than leather and lace? Well, I guess, Jack Daniels in your underwear. Just kidding…not! Now make me a hot toddy because I am a whiskey girl and it’s cold out here in Phoenix.

Outfit details:
Blue Florence flannel by the Dixxon Flannel Co., Choker from Forever 21, black pleather skirt from Forever 21, lace bralette, black suede thigh high boots by Chinese Laundry.


Be a rebel with class. Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.



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