Beat your potato chip addiction with veggie chips

I don’t know anyone who can resist those addicting salty, crunchy crisps known as potato chips. The packaging of this crap drags us in. The convenience. The salt is addicting. So many flavors to choose from. The bags half full. Hell, there is even “taco in a bag” to make this snack habit even harder to kick. They are an expensive snack, too.

I am over here just trying not to go Chipotle everyday for chips and guac. Whoever created those lime chips there deserves an award. They are my favorite chips!

I love eating chips! Salt and vinegar chips, mainly, but I won’t turn down nacho cheese Doritos. I like a plain corn chips, too, and even tried to make my own with those cheap tortilla shells and Flavor Gods seasonings (to make my chip addiction “cheaper” and “healthier”). I can’t have a tuna sandwich from Jimmy John’s without putting some damn chips on it (an in an extra $1.50 for the small half-full bag). Every time I am at Taco Tuesday I can’t even eat my damn tacos because I am so full of chips and salsa. Damn you chips. That is the main reason why I hate you. Empty, delicious calories. Is your mouth watering? Mine is.

Chips. Chip. Chips. Chip. Chips.

Then there is the Super Bowl. Super Bowl parties with chips and dips. Hockey games with chips and dips. Every sporting event has chips and dips. Chips and cheese. God has spoken!

One of my New Years resolutions is to kick the chip habit and replace it with something healthier – something crispy like chips but homemade and made of vegetables. So to kick this chip addiction I had to hit my kitchen. I just realized I really do eat out way too much!

I turned vegetarian almost a year ago and I did this because I wanted to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet, and to join the fight against animal cruelty, animal products and slaughterhouses. A vegetable and fruit based diet is a lot cheaper, too. My health is better because I am eating healthier. My skin looks better from all the clean foods I consume. I just really don’t want cancer. Most importantly with climate change and environment issues, I am contributing less methane into the environment since I quit eating meat (less methane = less cancer = less pollution).  Since I have swapped out meat for a lot more veggies I have had to get creative and get cooking. I don’t like cold vegetables. I like them cooked. I am quite impressed with what I can do with an eggplant, too. (Get you head out of the gutter, you sicko.)

Let’s address the problems with kicking a chip addiction:

  1. Must replace chips with vegetables, duh.
  2. Must get creative when replacing chips with vegetables.
  3. Must taste better than chips and not taste like vegetables.
  4. Must be quick and easy like opening and inhaling a bag of chips.

Recently, I had some awesome brussels sprouts at a restaurant and I’ve been craving them ever since. My Vegetarian Meals board on Pinterest is full of so many pins where brussels sprouts are a repeating trend. They are almost always in season and they are speaking to me…

I’ve seen all these recipes for homemade easy brussels sprouts chips and other types of easy to make veggie chips. “So easy”. “So quick”. “So delicious”. “So much healthier than chips”. “Alternative to chips”. Ok, sold, let’s try it out. Insert eye roll.

Brussels Sprouts Chips

I purchased one huge bag of Green Giant washed brussels sprouts for about $4.00 (would have been cheaper had I not gone to Target and went to an actual grocery store instead and saved on the packaging).

I always cook with extra virgin olive oil, so didn’t need that.

Next I laid out my arsenal: brussels sprouts, cutting board, knife, olive oil, garbage can, choice of seasonings (I choose to use one of the many bottles of Flavor God seasonings that I have staring at me when I cook – I went with the “Everything” one), large baking sheet, and washed my hands.

I then preheated the oven to 350 degrees and got to work slicing off the end of each one of these little buggers, peeling off as many leaves as I could from the center, and laid them on the baking sheet.


Once through the bag, I used my hands and made sure each leaf  that was  laying on that baking sheet was coated with olive oil and ready for a crisp, quick death. Then I sprinkled on some “Everything” seasoning from the Flavor God (but really, use whatever the hell you want to use because you can’t go wrong here).

I tossed the pan (slightly harder than I needed to) in the oven for 10 minutes to bake the leaves until crisp…and I ate every single one of them.


As you see, they crisp up quick and you have homemade healthy “chips” within just a few minutes. I could have probably spent an hour cooking bags of these things because it was so easy to do and they really are a healthier option (plus a serving of vegetables and full of nutrients).

I don’t even feel disgusting or extremely full after eating what would be equivalent to a snack size bag of chips. Or two. Or three…

The olive oil is heart healthy and since I eat a Mediterranean based diet anyway, the amount of healthy fats just comes with the terriroty. And, for the amount I ate of these brussels sprouts “chips”, I probably had 2-3 servings extra servings of vegetables today.

Easy. Healthy. Yummy. Brussels sprouts chips.

Indulge with no remorse.


According to the Doctor Axe Food is Medicine website:

Brussels sprouts nutrition is real because it provides many important health benefits: gives plenty of antioxidants, helps to fight cancer and heart disease, restores healthy digestion, alkalizes the body and much more. Brussels sprouts also have a surprisingly high amount of protein for a vegetable, similar to their other leafy greens and cruciferous vegetable family members.

Just a one-cup serving of Brussels sprouts will meet your daily requirement for vitamin C and vitamin K for the day, while also providing plenty of folate, potassium, B vitamins, manganese and loads of other nutrients.

Brussels sprouts are a part of the cruciferous vegetable family, a group of nutritional powerhouse vegetables that are especially important for helping to fight cancer.

Brussels Sprouts Nutrition Facts

 One cup of cooked Brussels sprouts provides (in recommended daily allowances):



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