30 things I accomplished in 2016

I am over it. 2016 was pretty f-in bad. I am not going to get into too much of the personal details but it has been a year year financially, emotionally, and hell even physically exhausting even though it been a slow year. Most of it has been pretty bad but not all of it been awful. Just most of it.

Every other minute of every day, all year long (especially right now with 2016 coming to an end), I’ve gone back-and-forth thinking about what I have accomplished and that I feel like I have accomplished nothing. To sum up to 2016, I will be honest and tell you that I feel like I have just been living and breathing. Simply existing. How I have made it through this year – I do not know. What I have accomplished and how – I don’t know how – but my list is actually quite long and I have a few things to be proud of. Most of what has made this year great, happened though because of a little help from my friends. Several of them have gotten me out of the house on a weekly basis. I want to be clear that I was not depressed and that I pretty much just lived a year in rock bottom.

With 2017 here any day now, I have made a promise to myself and friends that I will get up in the morning and get motivated (working out is involved).2016 taught me several things like money and financial problems can eat you alive but you can’t make it everything and every priority, there are a lot of free things you can do, dogs make me really happy, volunteering with dogs is free, and yoga has kept me mentally sane, emotionally stable and physically stronger. Healthy, fitness, love and life are the upmost important things for yourself and your well being. Put family and friends first and forever.

So now after that diary entry…I will boost my self esteem, pat myself on the back, put some lipstick on, pour a glass of wine and pull myself together. It is time to kick some ass in 2017 and I am excited AF. I wanted to sit down and write a list of all that I have accomplished this year even though every day it feels as if I have done nothing but dream, hope and write more lists. Here is a glimpse back at 2016  and all the things I have done this year!

This year I:

  1. Stayed single (which was one of my goals since I am still recovering from my past relationship financially, physically and mentally that ended almost two years ago but still feels like yesterday)
  2. Auditioned and was a finalist for the Bachelor/Bachelorette on ABC
  3. Celebrated one year back “home” in Arizona (and left California behind and let go of a few things related to California)
  4. Went mountain biking (I can’t wait to get one)
  5. Paid of my student loans (now it is time to tackle credit cards)
  6. Toned up and actually lost weight (I think I am in the best shape of my life – thank you ClassPass)
  7. Bought a king-size bed (which I have wanted since my last relationship and as a child)
  8. Got another dog (and can’t wait to get another)
  9. Joined Winc (an online wine club and it has actually saved me money on wine)
  10. Became a volunteer (at a dog shelter, of course)
  11. Tried Bikram yoga (the series is very basic compared to hot yoga and power yoga classes I have taken except it is easier but hotter than hell – so hot I will not be doing this come summer in Arizona)
  12. Started a blog (you are reading it now, thank you for wanting to be friends)
  13. Started a vlog a.k.a. YouTube channel (subscribe – free entertainment)
  14. Became a brand influencer with three companies on my blog and have even made some small commissions (check out my thoughts on Manduka and Rocksbox)
  15. Started a doggie daycare, boarding and dog park business a.k.a. Puppy Pit Stop and we make pit stops on the way to the dog park to pick up other dogs (I bring my dogs “to work”)
  16. Went to Laguna Seca in Monterrey, California and finally got a taste, pun intended, of wine country and racing all in one weekend (heaven does exist and this was actually a bucket list thing for many years plus I vlogged the whole thing so check out my YouTube channel- check!)
  17. Added a new client and a huge promotion project to my Medin Media business (I landed the contract to promote the show Harley and the Davidsons show on Discovery TV with my team in Sturgis)
  18. Became the other half of the Instagram “Wine Chicks” known as the  Wine Slayers
  19. Met new friends who became good friends (Heather and Nicole)
  20. Bought my dream dining room table and leather chairs with studs (but I have yet to host a dinner party)
  21. Finally lived alone for the first time in my life (after two friends turned into horrible roommates)
  22. Learned how to cook eggplant and make baba ganoush (vegan and vegetarian friendly)
  23. Took a wine class (I think I drank more than I learned)
  24. Cleaned out my closet and even made a few hundred dollars on Poshmark
  25. Turned 30 (it can only go up from here, right!?)
  26. Had my first paid Arizona commercial modeling job with my AZ agency and made $1400 (find me in Miraval Resort ads and videos)
  27. Was in the 2016 K&N Filters calendar (motorsports model bucket list – check!)
  28. Was booked to report a racing series back on TV (AMA Supermoto racing on MavTV)
  29. Reported and announced at Monster Energy Cup which was an audition for my new gig (dream come true x2)
  30. Signed a new reporting/announcing contract for 2017 which brought me back to a goal in 2009 (hint hint)…is it January 1 yet?

Be classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy.


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