My 10 New Years resolutions

365 new days, 365 new changes

Making a list. Checking it twice! Going to find out how daring and motivated I am in 2017. Happy New Year! You get a resolution. You get a resolution. You get a resolution!

You all know those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go DO THEM.

Hello, New Years resolutions. It’s me, Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. Let’s talk. Just so you know, I rarely write down “lose weight” on my list of New Years resolutions so once again it won’t be on there. I find health and fitness to be an important part of my life – every day and all year long. I schedule workouts 3-5 times a week at studios all over the Phoenix valley on the ClassPass app (it’s nationwide so check it out). ClassPass makes it easy to get your move on. It is fun! A great way to meet people, too! You can go to a new studio (or one of your favorites) every time. Here is what a week with ClassPass looks like for me:

Monday: Pilates on the reformer

Tuesday: Barre

Wednesday: Boxing class with all women (it is leg day)

Thursday: Bikram yoga

Friday: Bubbly at the Barre (yep, that is the actual class and we get champagne after)

Saturay/Sunday: Yoga

It is a national and international app (so even if you travel abroad you can still workout)! Join ClassPass with any of these links in blue to try it out! Be sure to tell me what you think after you first month is up. No commitments. Small group instruction, always. You’ll even get $30 off your first month! I weight five pounds left, I am stronger and in the best shape of my life, and as flexible as I was when I was 16. I box like Ronda Rousey too- except not even close but I pretend I’m her when I put my gloves on at Jabz – it’s my favorite place!

When it comes to health and fitness and New Years resolutions, I usually just write down “to work out more” or “try something different” with the hopes I will be more daring and more adventurous. For instance, I have had “learn to mountain bike/go mountain biking” on my 2016 list of New Years resolutions and I finally crossed it off my list back in October! Mountain biking was on the itinerary of my “Dirty 30” Michigan adventure – all that was missing was GoPro footage but you can still watch a fun video about it on my YouTube channel. For 2017, now on my list of New Years resolutions is to…”buy a mountain bike”.

Here are just 10 New Years resolutions ideas that I hope to accomplish. I say ideas because a few of them are quite costly (and materialistic) so my health and fitness, and health and well being of my dogs as well, are more important. Most are quite expensive and involve investing and saving, and just living more frugal to accomplish the financial goals – which are to buy more things, dumb. Good thing I have a new gig, a side business and a blog!

My 10 New Years Resolutions Ideas

  1. Buy a KTM Mountain bike (I have already test rode and been fitted from the guys at Riders Discount – here is the one I want)
  2. Buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (it was my goal for my “Dirty 30” but I just couldn’t afford it this past year)
  3. Try indoor mountain climbing
  4. Use my passport just one time in 2017 (Italy, Greece, Australia, and Sweden – y’all are on my list)
  5. Pay off a credit card (so I get #1, #2, #4, and #7)
  6. Make my first “sale” of a sponsored post on my blog (of course, to help me get the mountain bike and pay off debt)
  7. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley (my vlogs need to start paying)
  8. Drink more water (I really don’t drink enough and the desert sucks me dry)
  9. Read one book a month (I am looking into Book of the Month Club to get this done)
  10. Learn how to do calligraphy (I have already located the time and the place)

Peace out 2016. You were awful. I am over you. Peace out to the shingles that I just got and the horse pills I get to bring into the New Year. The debt that I am carrying forward. On the positive,  I have the strength physically, mentally and emotionally, to kick some ass this year. I got my spurs on.

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