What you need to know about Yllo isn’t about the product test

When you purchase Yllo scrub you are not only getting an all natural face exfoliation, but you are joining the fight against childhood marriage. That is why you need to purchase this scrub. It benefits you while benefiting others. It's too bad that small companies have to make all the difference in the world on minimal profit. Scrub yellow!

Hello, it’s me. Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. This is not a paid post for Yllo  scrub. So consider it a free promotion for your benefit – I asked Yllo Scrub  (pronounced “yellow”, just like the color, yes I clarified this) to send me a sample because I can’t afford to go to a spa at the moment (nor do I or will I use drugstore shit) and I was creeping Instagram for homemade, all natural and vegan products that someone else will make for me (I do not DIY…anything). Instagram for the win! I found a new candle company too that is soy, vegan, natural, and made in the USA – thank you Instagram. I also found a soap company that vegan and made in the USA – thank you candle company.

Chemical Free

Not to mention, I am sick of the chemicals that are put into everything. And, we wonder why there is so much cancer? I hate how we have to test on animals. Why can’t we be doing this in federal prisons on felons, rapists and animal abusers? Man, this world is ass-backwards.

I turned vegetarian almost a year ago – with the occasional In-N-Out burger. Finally, I started with Meatless Monday’s and within two short weeks I was done eating starting each meal with meat as the main food group. Honestly, I never wanted to buy or eat chicken or beef ever again. I barely ate pork before anyway, besides bacon, so that was easy. Not the bacon part.

Vegetarian – check! Now, one of my goals this year is to be 100% natural (ok, shooting for like 80%), vegan and like usual, continue to use only animal cruelty free products.

Cruelty Free

I always look at labels and search online before I buy makeup and hair products to make sure they are cruelty free. Similarly, I look at everything I buy (yes, I wear a lot of “pleather”). But, what about all natural? Vegan? At any rate, I’ve already made the switch from Mac Cosmetics to Kat Von D Beauty (almost a year ago) and was blown away at how much better Kat Von D Beauty products are compared to Mac (and cheaper, too). I’ll save that for another post. Lush Cosmetics stole my heart as well but I feel like I can’t walk out of there without spending $300 because everything is so natural, they recycle their containers, and I could eat the store (the Ocean Salt scrub is my favorite thing and I am not even a fan of the ocean).

The switch to 100% natural, vegan, and animal cruelty free products doesn’t have to be hard when you find companies like Kat Von D Beauty and Yllo Scrub! Let me introduce you to Yllo Scrub and my first experience!


How to use

Yes, you will turn yellow but just for 15-20 minutes! No, your sink, clothes and/or towels won’t stain. I actually thought my hands would stay dyed yellow from using my hands to apply the scrub all over my face but they did not! The turmeric scrub washed right off! I also was worried that it would burn because I actually get acrid reflux/heartburn from turmeric. It was totally fine! No burning!

Once I mixed up 1 tablespoon of Yllo scrub with one teaspoon of water (in a shot glass) and started to apply this yellow, smells-so-good-you-could-eat-it (yes, I did try some) to my face, I realized good things don’t have to be bad!



I did look kinda scary (the packaging even says “scare your friends”)! There are less than 10 ingredients (seven to be precise)! One tablespoon makes two servings in my opinion (I made a note to self when I try this again in a few days that half of the suggested amount as perfect). And, finally, I could make this myself but I have no desire to DIY anything so I will be buying.

This Yllo scrub contains perfect amounts of each ingredient to leave my skin extremely soft and smooth like I just left the spa, and there is no way I could whip up the perfect combination to even compete with this. I definitely had a glow once the redness went away (I get slightly red just temporally from pretty much everything from washing my face to waxing, and it only lasts just a few minutes so I wasn’t worried). A few hours later, my chin wasn’t as oily (I get a lot of white heads there) and my complexion was more toned and even, vibrant and smooth!

Feel good about it

My favorite part about this scrub besides it being vegan, natural and cruelty free is that the company supports and is increasing awareness about childhood marriage. I will be honest, this was, prior, not on my list of things that I need to rant about on Facebook. Sorry, not sorry…women really need to stop complaining about being oppressed here (cough, recent women’s march) and look at the bigger picture. God is good – in the USA! Anyway, before I get too political and bleed red, white and blue, I want to say that I have no problem supporting a small business (and go out of my way to do so when I can) who has a great mission…while treating myself. Shoutout to Yllo Scrub!


It’s cheap

The Yllo Tumeric Scrub is only $24.95 with free shipping in North America! Now that is a cheap at home spa treatment! (Just don’t forget to pour self some bubbly before you get your hands dirty). Buy two  of these scrubs (to give one as a gift to a friend, duh) and you’ll save! But more importantly, 10% of Yllo Tumeric Scrub profits are donated to charities working to end child marriage around the globe. Little girls are not brides. American women have no idea what real oppression is. We can marry who we want and when we want. You have the option to  work or be a stay-at-home-mom or dog mom. Finally, President Trump has not taken away any women’s rights so get back to work. Let’s really try put our womanly efforts and energy elsewhere…we have it pretty damn good. With that said…

I challenge you to #getyellow with Yllo Tumeric Scrub for five reasons:

  1. Support a small business
  2. It’s vegan
  3. It’s all-natural
  4. It’s cruelty-free
  5. Yllo is in the fight against childhood marriage

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