Dare to Dermaplane

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. April showers bring beautiful skin? Not exactly…but dermaplaning does!


Of course, lighting and the makeup you use does makes a difference for the “perfect selfie” but if your skin is struggling and your slacking on your regime – sorry not sorry – no filter will help you. My skin is something that I don’t screw with – especially with being a Minnesota born Swede and currently residing in the Valley of the Sun. We also have traces of skin cancer in my family. I try to use sunscreen even when I don’t have makeup on and when I have makeup on there is sunscreen in my makeup. I use medical grade, professional and all natural skincare products (I am a fan of Murad, Fresh and Rodan and Fields). I don’t buy into celebrity promoted products, weightloss pills, waist trainers, creams or skinny tea anything. I try to be as natural, vegan and organic as possible.

After a few months of following @meltbymelissa on Instagram, and messaging her weekly about microblading and dermaplaning, she decided to let me find out for myself and told me to come in for the Express Dermaplane Facial ($55). I charged the battery for my camera, slammed an iced coffee and set out to vlog the Melt by Melissa experience. Because, wine not.

Dermaplaning is the ultimate facial. For 30 minutes, Melissa scrapped who knows what off my face which she referred to as “crust”. I am not talking pizza crust.


I instantly could feel and see the difference in my face and I was quite shocked. It was tighter. Brighter. But what surprised me the most was not the “crust” she removed but the amount of hair and “peach fuzz” (which was also blowing all over the room). I wax my lip and have some chin hairs that I pluck…and this removed those self conscious things I fret about. Dewy skin post dermaplane is an understatement. The selfie above was the next morning after I put my usual makeup on and went to a job interview.

There was no pain or burning like those crazy chemical peels. No downtime. No expensive cost. No technology – just a razor blade (medical scalpel to be technically correct) used by a trained professional. I was scared to bleed. I was scared to scar. But none of that happened. It felt like a dry razor grazing my dry skin.


I will be going to Melt by Melissa in Scottsdale, Arizona, once a month, to do the express dermaplane facial (the express skips the “fluff”). No matter what products you use to exfoliate with, nor how often you use them, nothing will compare to dermaplaning because nothing takes off this much “crust”. I am not a dermatologist or an esthetician, and I have my blonde moments, but even I could see and feel the before and after differences. The redness I experienced was no surprise, I get temporary redness from any type of wax or facial, and it went away within a few hours and was mainly on the really dry spots on my face as pictured below.


Watch my YouTube video to see the 30 minute dermaplane facial in under 15 minutes.  Subscribe to my channel! Then make an appointment at Melt by Melissa and share your results with me!

Check out Melt by Melissa!


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