Drink More, Worry Less with Bendiware Drinkware

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Daily. Friends don’t let friends break wine glasses. Cheers to that!


With that said, drum roll please…happy Wine Wednesday! I have been so busy not drinking wine or sleeping in my own bed that I don’t even know how wine tastes anymore or how my bed feels. To be honest, here is what I am currently going through: Career change and job hunting. Life lessons and adult stuff. The never ending breakup which I thought ended two years ago. Swiping left on Tinder and forever wanting to be single. My best friend’s wedding being planned 2,000 miles away and I am missing everything (I went bridesmaid dress shopping alone and cried). Sleepless nights and anxiety attacks. I am seriously having a mid-life crisis at 30 years old!

Oh, and I miss my dogs, too, because I haven’t been home.

But with all this going on, I have been lucky enough to be back in America’s Finest City, San Diego, (hence the never ending breakup) this past month and was able to meet up with these hot friends of mine to soak up the sun! And smile! They say ocean air fixes everything, right? I am not so sure about that…but I do know that a “glass” of wine does!

Wine really does fix everything…


However, I have broken my fair share of wine glasses. And broken wine glasses don’t get you very far. It is also really hard to drink wine (“safely” and on a budget) while traveling. Thank the wine gods above for Bendiware Drinkware!

Wine drinking just got a makeover! Bendi’s are perfect for the beach, by the pool, camping…anywhere you go, Bendi can go! Let me introduce to you Bendiware Drinkware – a worry free, BPA free, unbreakable silicone wine glass that just changed the wine game. Drinking wine just got more fun! I really do travel with them and usually Snapchat it when I do. (I take wine drinking very seriously.)


Bendiware Drinkware silicone wine glasses are a must for summer adventures. Any adventure, actually. Travel with them. Beach with them. Pool with them. Literally, play pool with them.


Bendiware Drinkware makes fun, flexible, unbreakable silicone wine glasses that keeps the party going and makes broken glass a thing of the past! Cheers to that!


A special thanks to these collaboration partners of this blog post:

Bendiware Drinkware

A’Qua Swim / Hush Los Angeles


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