A dog mom’s Mother’s Day gift guide

I am a dog mom. I have a pure bred from a breeder and a mutt that I adopted - rather he became a "foster fail". These are great gift ideas and must have things for the dog mom in your life! If you don't buy it for her - she will!

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde – Dani on the Dog Lady. Caught you there, didn’t I? (Hopefully you’ve been following my blog because every intro is the same. Besides this one. I am so funny!) Don’t know what to get the dog mom, dog lover in your life this Mother’s Day? As a dog mom and professional wine drinker, let me help you. These are things that I would want to get this Dog Mom’s Day and not only are these 10 dog loving gift ideas fun, affordable and cute – they will keep any dog mom fit, healthy and happy (and appreciated). As you probably know —a happy dog mom equals happy dog(s)!


Cheers to dogs

  1. It’s not drinking alone if the dogs are home! Lolita wine glasses are my favorite decorative wine glasses. I have a few of them because they only cost $26.95. Sold. The only downfall is you have to hand wash them because they are not dishwasher safe (and the glass tells you that).  I learned my lesson being lazy and the dishwasher did indeed wash the paint right off it. Fido may not be able to imbibe, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! The cute pawprint and collar design makes this the perfect gift for a wine drinking, dog lover.


Service Dogs

2. Help pair Veterans with a service dog or shelter dog with this green camo bracelet from It’s also a great affordable gift under $20 ($16.99) so you can buy one for the dog mom and one for you or a friend! Every time you glance down at your green camo clay beads bracelet, you’ll be thankful for those who served that US Flag on two legs or four! Wear this bracelet with honor!  You played a part in providing a service dog for a vet in need! It’s a win-win.


Dog Mom Apparel

3. Being a dog mom requires a lot of walking, running, chasing and playing! Check out the Dog Lover Leggings collection from Farfetched Apparel. It’s my favorite (and official) dog clothing brand and I don’t get paid to promote them – I just do because everything is just so dog gone cute! It is suggested, for example, that for my legging size I should order a small. But I ordered a small the first time and they were too small, so I suggest ordering up a size in this brand so they aren’t skin tight! They will fit better and have a little more room for your two legs to keep up with your other four. Good luck trying to pick out just one pair. I own several. The material is silky, smooth and stretchable!

15727120_672687306242965_841502026092209726_nHave Mutt Wine

4. I have not yet been or even tasted Mutt Lynch Winery but it is on my list as a dog mom and professional drinker. They say it is always dog friendly so it’s a “mutts” go! (I am ridiculous.) Mutt Lynch Winery is proud to support local animal rescue organizations in their tireless efforts to save pets’ lives. Nationally, the winery supports North America’s largest pet adoption web service,, whose mission is simple – linking homeless pets with homes.  In 2010, Mutt Lynch Winery will donate $10,000 to  In communities throughout the country, Mutt Lynch partners with wine shops, restaurants and local animal rescue groups in support of their fundraising efforts.

For Dog Mom’s Day they have a Mother’s Day 3-pack special. Here are the details per their website:

It’s a trio of love for the woman you call Mama! Our Mother’s Day 3-Pack features our 2014 Fou Fou le Blanc, our recently debuted 2016 Rosie Rosé, and the always popular 2014 Unleashed Chardonnay. A thoughtful and standout gift and beautiful accompaniment to any Mother’s Day brunch table!


Dog Hair Remover

5. Dog hair don’t care – or does she? Thoughts from the dog mom of a Siberian husky. Dog hair is enviable when being dog mom and the owner of a minimum of one dog. Two dogs = twice the hair (and so on and so forth). I recently had my truck detailed by a young kid who literally “hates dog hair” in vehicles and has you vacuum prior (which I found quite humorous regarding his business/job). We all do have at least one thing we hate about our job. Anyway, after seeing him do work in my truck shortly after arrival (I did not vacuum) with this tool called the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover, I was shocked at the amount  of “dog hair embedded in the carpet”. I was even more shocked when he shared his little $10 Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover secret with me. The Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover is a pumice stone. I was not aware of the multiple uses of pumice stone.  Nor its extreme capabilities. Once my truck was clean of dog hair burrowed in the carpet, I went home and ordered one immediately. I will literally be doing my the bedrooms in my house on my hands and knees as soon it as it comes. If the amount that came out of my truck, I can’t even begin to imagine the fur embedded it the bedroom carpet. My almost $400 Shark vacuum is not sucking up the dog hair off my carpet – had I known about the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover I would have saved a lot of money and bought a much cheaper vacuum. Now, what is the largest size available?


Dog Treat Jar

6. For some reason, this woof treat jar is my favorite thing on the kitchen counter besides the coffee pot and bottles of wine.  Trust me, get the treat jar in a medium – it’s the perfect size (I actually wish it was a little bigger).


Wine Barrel Dog Toy Basket

7. Dog not for sale but the wine barrel toy chest is – it is a splurge but such a nice home accent piece with a purpose! ($200 but well worth every dollar.) Reese is about 80 pounds (seen modeling next to wine barrel toy chest) and you can see how large the wine barrel, I mean, toy basket is. It is one of my favorite things in my house! They are both just so dog gone cute!

Dog Camera

8. The Furbo pet camera is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my dogs (ok, it’s really for me)! I got my money’s worth the first time I left the house. The Furbo camera and app are both really easy to use and I am technically illiterate. The sleek design will fit with your home decor. It shoots treats. You can talk to your dog. You can take pictures while talking to your dog. Better yet, no special Furbo brand treats are needed. Per my video below, a variety of treats will work just fine and I have tested quite a few.

My dogs got a Furbo for Christmas. I use it every single day. I didn’t need to train them to use it like some of the other pet cameras out there. (I did have to train myself.) If you want the full, honest review you can watch my Furbo video review on YouTube. Then click this link for $15 off your Furbo purchase!

Dog Wine

9. Dog wine. Give wine. Any wine. One bottle or a whole pack. (Get it? LOL!) If you don’t want to order the 3-pack last minute – I get it – but you should and just overnight it! “In dog wines, I’ve only had one”…

Homemade Dog Treats

10. The one thing I keep saying I am going to but haven’t, is make my own dog treats. It is cheaper, healthier and fun to make homemade dog treats! How cute are these cookie cutters to make your own dog treats!The whole pack is only $6.95 and you’re supporting a small business by purchasing on Etsy! Now, good girl (or boy), here’s a treat!


If you are not a gift giver (and please do NOT give a pet as a gift – ever) and would rather put your money to a good cause instead, consider donating to a local charity or animal rescue because it is a fur-tastic idea for any animal lover! Even “real mom’s”…who prefer two legs over four.


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