The best way to shave the strays is the Sphynx way

I am a brand influencing through Social Native when I see fit. Like does this thing really work? Because I love my Harry's men's razor blades. I wanted to do a product review campaign and here are my honest thoughts on the Sphynx portable razor! I love the Sphynx because of the story behind the product. I love the Sphynx because it is cruelty free! It is in my beach bag/pool bag every day. I always forget spots and this is the easiest way to do on the spot - on the go - touch ups! Sphynx is for the stray hairs!

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Yep, you can shave anywhere. Anytime. Sphynx says you can and that’s what makes the Sphynx the best way to shave. The website says you can shave “on top of a mountain, at the beach, in the car (ok, don’t shave AND drive, be reasonable people), on a plane… you get the idea. Shave that beautiful bod anytime, anywhere.”

Stray hairs

The idea of shaving anywhere is bad ass because we all hate those stray hairs. I miss spots all the time.

I have shaved in my car…several times. A little TMI, sorry, not sorry…I recently shaved my armpits in the car prior the Kid Rock concert a few weeks back when I was home in Minnesota. Just ask my best friend Rachelle since we were in her car. And my armpits were hairy. I could have used the Sphynx then…had I known about it.

So now that you’ve heard of the Sphynx and the idea of shaving outside of the bathroom, this Phoenix blogger decided to test out the Sphynx portable razor poolside in the middle of an Arizona summer to see just how easy it would be for me to shave anytime and shave anywhere. Check out this tried and true, honest product review, and then try it for yourself! I honestly wish I had one of these 10 years ago when I started traveling, but since I don’t travel much anymore – it’s now staying in my beach bag/pool bag! I have the Sphynx in “Berry Haute”.

Here kitty, kitty

The Sphinx is a 3-in-1 portable razor with water, moisturizing bar and two razors. You can literally shave anywhere. It only retails for $14.99 and comes in four cute colors.

Sphynx was created to sidestep the bathroom-bound beauty routine and design smart efficient products that give you more freedom to do the things you love.

The best part is…the Sphynx is cruelty free! Ok, the second best part is it’s easy to spray, lather and shave.

Per the website:
“No way! We love our furry friends. Some of us here in the office admittedly like to test new products on ourselves from time to time, but we promise, we do that by choice!”


When you purchase the Sphynx you support a female entrepreneur. And that, is bad ass. I am not a feminist but I love supporting other woman. Sphynx has made shaving cool again. Something had to replace those shitty Gillette Venus Razors for women. The Sphynx will not replace your full-time razor or monthly Brazilian.  It’s not a Harry’s (yes, I only shave with men’s razors because they are the best) but it will work for touch ups and stray hairs you find in public…and sticking out at pool parties.

By the way, I just love the Sphynx advertising. Everything about it. I would never guess a razor is inside that cool design. Or the back-up razor. Or the Shea butter-based moisturizing shave bar built in. Or the refillable water spray container…oh, and it comes in a few different colors. Sold.

Note: I was part of the sponsored post on Instagram but decided it was blog worthy. So this part was not sponsored or even required. I just think you should know about the Sphynx, my video and I am just an overly honest person.

Shave on!

Be classy, sassy and Sphynx those stray hairs.


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