My favorite workout app is my 1 and only workout app

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. I have a few questions for you in regards to workout apps…so let’s warm-up. How many workout apps do you use? Better yet, do you have a workout app or are you overwhelmed like I am when it comes to workout apps and diet apps, and apps in general? Delete them. Gym membership? Cancel it. My phone doesn’t have room for another macro counting fitness app.

You need an app that is going to get you to the gym – not make you count your macros. If you are going to use a fitness app – use ClassPass. It is the app that I have used the longest because I actually workout. I actually have fun working out! I actually use this workout app from Phoenix to Philadelphia!

The cost of ClassPass

I was a person trainer for years. A dance instructor for years. A gymnastics coach for over a decade. ClassPass is like a coach. ClassPass brings personal trainers to you in awesome group fitness style classes without the cost of a personal trainer or personal trainer apps. Skip the cost of class packages and unlimited monthly memberships. These classes are half that cost of that.

Am I am really going to log my workouts? No. I just need to workout. I just need to GO workout. End of story. My favorite workout app is my only workout app and that workout app is called ClassPass! You’ll actually lose weight! I can almost guarantee it!  You’ll have more energy! I can almost guarantee it! Ok, I was a personal trainer for several years so get off your ass and get to the gym. It is really just that simple.

Am I really going to log everything I eat? No. I eat a lot. At least I am being honest here.

How much water do I drink? Not enough. Never enough. I live in the frickin’ desert and I am always dehydrated.

How many calories I burned? Did I burn off enough calories for how much I ate? Who cares. I just need to balance the amount of food I consume and how much I am able to move. I just need to workout!

All these questions…eye roll.

Fun and Fitness

Working out. Health. Fitness. Eating in general. This is all supposed to fun. If it isn’t fun and we don’t enjoy it – we won’t do it. Duh.

I cleaned up my phone, simplified my life, and now I have just one workout app. And I actually use it. Not because I have to – I want to. I don’t attend a boring gym anymore sitting on my cellphone between sets. I don’t attend those awkward group fitness classes (which some gyms even make you pay extra for) with half ass instructors.

Give me a “C” for Commitment and a “P” for Participation

The most important part of working out (and achieving your fitness goals and staying healthy) is simple – it is showing up! Let me introduce you to ClassPass. And why it works for me. I promise it will work for you, too.

I have been a ClassPass member for nine months now. That is the longest thing I have committed to so far in my life. (I just realized that! That is longer than like my last few relationships. Total.) Give me a woop woop for commitment! I don’t like to commit to anything – besides my monthly Rocksbox membership because it is a fun surprise all month long (use my code BADTOTHEBLONDEXOXO to get your first free month).

I have done 127 classes (when I posted this blog is was 55 class completed- I just deleted that and made the update to what is double that). I used to travel a lot. This app makes exploring other cities fun! This workout app keeps me committed and participating. It makes me want to  find workout classes in other cities. Frequent travelers, just change your location and reserve a class.

Cancel your boring gym membership. You will get a lot more out of this and there is not contract. No extra month due in advance either.

I cam across ClassPass as a sponsored ad on Facebook. Well, their marketing worked. I signed up and reserved my first class through the app on 12/15/15 at a local studio. They knew my name and I had never even be there. I did have to fill out a quick waiver, you have to for legal reasons obviously your first time at any workout studio for liability issues, so I do recommend going 10-15 minutes before your class so you are comfortable, informed and have time to consent.


As a coach, athlete, group fitness instructor and personal trainer, the most important thing to being active, being focused, being dedicated, is accountabililty.

And how are you accountable? You show up. Something made yo show up. Something made you be accountable. And that my friend, is ClassPass.  The hardest part is showing up and with the option to schedule classes in advance and a small fee for bailing – you’ll go or you’ll get punished. Aren’t squats and sweet the better option?

I’ve done pilates equipment classes on the reformer, ballet, tap, boxing at a women’s only studio, restorative yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, group interval training, TRX, LaGree Fitness not the Megareformer (yeah, mega what?), barre classes, even had some Bubbly at the Barre (yep, bring on the champagne), basic fundamental movement strength class (like CrossFit but not),

Become my new favorite workout buddy this summer! Join me on ClassPass now and get $30 off your first month on any affordable plan! That is at least three free classes.

 Stay active, live happy

We believe that a great workout has the power to make you feel like your best self. So we built ClassPass: A new kind of fitness membership that lets you enjoy diverse and exciting ways to work out.

ClassPass makes it easy to get your move on

We live for that ahhh-mazing feeling after a good hard sweat: Recharged, refreshed, and reconnecting to you (and other great people like you — always sweat in good company).

It’s designed to help you explore tons of amazing studios and classes, challenge yourself with different ways to work out, and get you into the kind of fitness you feel passionate about.

Be classy, sweaty and a bit ClassPass bad-assy.


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