Summer Water just got hotter, yes way rosé

Yes way rosé ! Summer Water is pool party approved! You can get it in the Winc wine club! Order a case before summer is over and the summer water freezes over.

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde and I’m coming at you from my pool in Phoenix where the current temperature is the hottest day in Phoenix. Yes way rosé.  Summer is a state of mind when one lives in the desert. Thank the Wine God’s for that Summer Water!

At least the water doesn’t freeze over here and I can wear a bikini everyday! I’m often asked as a Minnesota transplant in the desert, how I handle the dry, summer heat. “Isn’t it just sooooooo hot?” And that is usually followed up with the lack of water in the desert (I’m from the land of 10,000 lakes and a town called Chisago Lakes – emphasis on the lakes) and how I love the scenery – as in the lack of water. Well, I love the heat and bikinis or I would not have moved to the hottest state in the USA. (Plus, it’s half the price of California and better weather.

You don’t have to shovel sunshine!

I also drink a lot of wine to get me through the summer heat – it’s like my water. Save water, drink wine. Summer, don’t you dare end yet. Don’t you frickin dare…wait, hello, I live in Arizona…where it’s just too damn hot in the summer and you can’t ever drink enough water. Bring on the Summer Water. Literally. Yes, way rosé!

Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 2 15 25 AMEmily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin_5064Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 2 58 16 AM

Welcome to my unsponsored, unpaid, Wine Wednesday series Winc “Wine of the Week”! These are fun, cheap good wines that come in my Winc wine club. That I pay for. I select wines based off the label. They never disappoint. You should try them.

Water and wine do come in one bottle so screw the whole save water, drink wine quote. Winc found a way to have summer, wine and water all in one bottle! Sold to the blonde in the red bikini! Bring on the wine hangovers. I don’t even care! It will be totally worth if I can drink wine instead of water all summer long! And it’s the best rosé I have ever had! Ok, the branding helps. Right? Solid marketing guys.  Actually, ladies. Solid.

Step aside water, this is a job is for wine! Pair it with pool parties and bikinis.

Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 3 01 36 AM

Yes Way Rosé

I highly suggest you order a bottle (or a case) of the 2016 Summer Water Rosé before summer is over. This is a Central Coast, California wine that retails for just $15. According to my handy dandy Winc Journal, issue No. 9, July 2017, expect an aromatic, refreshing and easy-drinking rosé. . This wine is vegan – the wine is processed and vegan approved due to several common fining agents that are animal-friendly and used to make vegan wine.

This bottle just keeps getting better!

It’s just enough dry, beautifully light and perfectly crisp — with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach. Don’t forget to have enough Bendiware to go around! No glass at the pool! (I am such a rebel.) It’s all fun and games until there is broken wine glasses or broken wine bottles. Let’s avoid this together. I got you!


I am not one for sweet wines, especially sweet white wines or sweet red ones, and this is a perfect light bodied balance of sweetness and dryness. It’s actually a little dry for a rosé, which are typically sweet, and this one isn’t which is probably why I like this one so much!

Alcohol content is a solid 12.3%. Definitely serve it chilled. The Winc Journal suggests it pairs well with fresh raw pea, asparagus and fava bean salad with herbs and pecorino. I don’t know what a fava bean is or pecorino. So I suggest just drinking the wine solo or at a pool party with friends if you have them, on your patio on a hot afternoon, on a boat, at the beach or in the morning.

Rosé all day!

Wine Wednesday and your summer pool parties and summer get-togethers (with wine) just got a lot more fun with Winc! Look at how much fun I am having sipping’ on Summer Water from my wine club!

Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 2 50 50 AM

Why Winc

This is a wine club with no commitment – which is rare. Trust me. Every winery I’ve visited (Sedona wine country to Monterey) have required like four shipments a year at $100-200 a shipment of like four bottles. Not Winc! The only time my monthly shipment was “up their in price” was because I ordered a case…of 12 bottles Summer Water. That’s a cheap case of wine. Hence, the photoshoot with this blog post.

Never did I think of my modeling would come to modeling with wine! Look at me now! Phoenix blogger and wine vlogger! Never limit yourself. Reach for the wine…

Winc connects you to a world of exclusive wines tailored to your tastes and delivered directly to your door! You save 10% on a case of 12 bottles. Satisfaction is guaranteed – you’ll never pay for a bottle you don’t like. (This has never happen to me, though.) This is the only wine club I have ever come across that is flexible – you can skip a month any time, free of charge! I do this often. I order a case. Then skip a few months and order another case. Click of a button or should I say “clink” of a button! I’m ridiculous.

Winc believes that wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. And we work hard to ensure that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine is as simple as enjoying one. Our team creates and curates over one hundred wines, so you can explore and shop with ease – and spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass.

You set your delivery presences. The number of bottles. The price you want to pay  per bottle (Winc Featured is primarily $13/bottle or Winc Select starting at $14/bottle). The bottles you want. You don’t have to get a random assortment if you don’t want to! (But mix it up every once in a while and get a surprise box!)

Want to skip your upcoming order? Click “skip a month” at least 48 hours before your next order date and your next order process date is instantly updated to next month. It is that simple! It is a wine club with no commitment. Simple as popping bottles.

Speaking of popping bottles for every 10 wines you rate, you’ll receive $10 in credits! Meaning $10 towards a bottle of wine! Free wine! Cheers to that! Clink!

Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 2 21 22 AM

I’ve been Winc wine club member for over a year ago. (This is the longest commitment of my life.) You’ll get fun, awesome bottles of wine just like this bottle of Summer Water! I love Winc because of the labels! I love Winc because you actually learn about wine through the Winc Journals and recipe cards (with wine pairings) that come with your wines. Being a wine connoisseur is not me but I do know how to drink it. And take pictures with it.

This isn’t an expensive wine club! I wouldn’t be in it. Nor would I still be in it if it was. I like cheap wine, good wine and definitely fun wine! Wines at the grocery store and liquor stores like Total Wine cost more. Especially the good bottles of wine. You don’t have to commit or I wouldn’t be in it! I cannot commit to anything in my life.

I am literally Winc-ing at you to join Winc! Okay, maybe it’s just a little bright out here in the desert sun.

Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 3 02 54 AMEmily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 2 59 20 AM

Summer is almost over and “Summer Water” is almost out so here is your last chance to stock up now through Winc! I had a case delivered a few days before this photoshoot. Did I need a case, I could have ordered one bottle but I said “send it”. The case will last me until next summer. Wait, I live in Arizona, and I have a lot of Phoenix blogging to do and a lot of upcoming Wine Wednesday’s that you won’t want to miss.  All of this blogging requires a lot of late night editing sessions…glasses of wine!

Isn’t it pretty? Pretty, oh so pretty! Clink. Clink. Boom.

Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin_5325Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin_5051Emily_Joy_Wilson_Dani_Medin 06, 3 02 43 AM

Winning with Wine

Body like a wine bottle. Because we know it’s not a coke bottle. I don’t drink pop.

Please support my Phoenix blogger status and my professional wine drinking career by ordering some wine from Winc! When you use any of my Winc links to join you will earn a complimentary $20 of wine. Plus, I can do another Winc “Wine of the Week” because you sent me a free bottle! Cheers to you…and cheers to me! Clink!

The photos in this wine blog are courtesy of Arizona boudoir photographer and portrait retoucher, and selfie portrait expert Emily J Wilson Photography. She told me to indulge in my dream photo shoot. So I did here in Phoenix paradise!

I will be with you, right here, at Bad to the Blonde every Wednesday until I run out of wine…but I won’t because you joined Winc by now, right? Bottoms up – drink that Summer Water.

Keep it chilled.


Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.



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