One sign it’s a perfect watermelon wine, baby

Here is one savory way to enjoy watermelon season! Make room in your fridge for this slice of summer rosé that pairs well with Lolli Swim and Bendiware.

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde and I’m coming at you, again, from my pool in Phoenix where it’s still hot and always summer! I am not a gardner, watermelon farmer, nor can I keep a cactus alive in the desert…but I know when watermelon is in season, baby. Summer. Duh. I love some big melons. Pun intended. (I am so funny!) Now let’s talk about how to find a perfect watermelon. Perfect watermelon wine that is. One that is ripe and refreshing and not cut into a baby carriage.

This sounds like it’s going to be a baby announcement. But’s it’s not! Cheers to birth control and the single, bachelorette life! Clink, clink, boom! (See what I did there?)

Watermelon wine, baby

Here is one savory way to enjoy watermelon season – it’s all about picking the right bottle. This Winc watermelon drink recipe (technically one ingredient) will make you prickly pink! Consider this my watermelon detox water. Weight Watcher’s watermelon margaritas have nothing on this. Make room in your fridge for this slice of summer! Bottle. I mean bottle. Keep your two points. And the $20 off your first order when you join!

Winc: $20 Off Your First Order


Don’t worry, this is not another blog post for a watermelon salad recipe however I do include a watermelon drink recipe. Watermelon is healthy enough to eat (and watermelon juice is healthy to drink) on it’s own. We don’t need to confuse it.

Winc “Wine of the Week”

Welcome to another Winc “Wine of the Week”, an unsponsored, unpaid wine blog courtesy of me, your favorite wine drinking, Phoenix blogging, bikini loving blonde. These are fun, cheap wines that come in my Winc wine club. That I pay for. That comes when I want. With what bottles I want. I select wines based off the label. Because wine not? They never disappoint. Nor does $20 off your first order…click click clink.

Winc: $20 Off Your First Order

I do judge books by their covers. And wine bottles by their labels. This is not a judgement free zone. Wine is meant to be judged. That’s why it gets awards.

Seedless watermelon comes in wine form. Little did you know! Say whaaaaatermelon! The Italians sure know how to do it. Winemaking that is. I can’t talk about lovemaking. I’ve never been with an Italian man before. I also haven’t been to Italy yet.

You’re going to want to keep following my blog. Just saying.

Skip the watermelon carving into baby carriages too, because the label on this wine bottle is cute and crafty enough for dressing up the picnic table and the buffet table. You won’t need to bring dessert.

I guess you could bring this to a baby shower as a solid replacement for that stereotypical watermelon baby carriage everyone loves. I would. Which is probably why I have not been invited to a baby shower.


Watermelon is in season from May to September, and I guess August is it’s prime pickin’ time! Picking out a good watermelon is a skill unknown to many. So let me make it easy for you. Bottoms up! Find your bottle opener, locate your favorite wine glass or Bendiware, and pour yourself a glass of 2016 Cocomero Rosé before summer is over and watermelon is no longer in season or a craving.

Knock, knock who’s there

Save the knocking for another day. We all look stupid knocking on watermelons like we know what one is perfectly ripe. They all look green and sound the same. Are you following me on this whole “picking the right watermelon”?

Ok for real, here is one sign it’s a perfect watermelon wine, baby. You’re going to want to write this shit down. It’s good. Creative, too. One of those, “why didn’t my Mom teach me this”? Or, “why didn’t I learn this in wine class?” (I have actually taken wine class. FYI. I drank the whole time and really didn’t learn much. To be honest.)

It’s large but not too heavy. It will crack when you drop it. Because the bottle is glass. It should sound hollow when you tap it because the bottle is empty. The stem, I mean the wine cork, is dry. There is a medium-sized label on the side. 

It’s that perfect time of year to get watermelon drunk and this California rosé with Italian roots, is the perfect summer treat. And you don’t even have to be in Italy to enjoy this juicy and refreshing Barbera – so skip the watermelon spritzer and the extra calories –  and just go straight for this perfect summer rosé.

This light, fruity watermelon rosé wine will quickly (and deliciously) cool you off on a hot summer day. Watermelon is my favorite, cold summer treat! I think I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston eats a whole watermelon a day or something and that’s why she look so damn good at like 50 years old. Maybe a bottle of this wine is equivalent. Probably not, but I will carry on with my wine drinking ways. Italians live until they are like 100. Wine science.


I highly suggest you order a bottle (or a case) of the 2016 Cocomero Rosé before summer is over and watermelon is no longer in season. This is a California wine that retails for just $13 through Winc. That’s like buying two watermelons for the price of one! I was never good at math…

The 2016 Cocomero Rosé pairs well with poultry, watermelon feta salad and the like, and bbq – so it’s the perfect wine for a summer picnic or backyard bbq! Trust me, it will be a hit at your next summer get-together or baby shower! Serve it chilled to really bring out those tasting notes of peach, strawberry, and watermelon! All you need to know is that it’s a cheap rosé. Round and juicy like an actual, real watermelon. Easy drinking. Per Winc, it is a medium bodied wine that is on the dryer side of the sweetness scale, and the alcohol content is a solid 11.9%.

Don’t toss your watermelon chunks.


Why Winc

Winc is a wine club with no commitment – which is rare. Trust me. Every winery I’ve visited (Sedona wine country to Monterey) have required like four shipments a year at $100-200 a shipment of like four bottles. Not Winc! The only time my monthly shipment was “up there in price” was because I ordered a case…of 12 bottles of Summer Water.

Never did I think of my modeling would come to modeling with wine! Look at me now! Phoenix blogger and wine vlogger! Never limit yourself. Reach for the wine…

Winc connects you to a world of exclusive wines tailored to your tastes and delivered directly to your door! You save 10% on a case of 12 bottles. Satisfaction is guaranteed – you’ll never pay for a bottle you don’t like. (This has never happen to me, though.) This is the only wine club I have ever come across that is flexible – you can skip a month any time, free of charge! I do this often. I order a case. Then skip a few months and order another case. Click of a button or should I say “clink” of a button! I’m ridiculous.

Winc believes that wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. And we work hard to ensure that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine is as simple as enjoying one. Our team creates and curates over one hundred wines, so you can explore and shop with ease – and spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass.

You set your delivery presences. The number of bottles. The price you want to pay  per bottle (Winc Featured is primarily $13/bottle or Winc Select starting at $14/bottle). The bottles you want. You don’t have to get a random assortment if you don’t want to! (But mix it up every once in a while and get a surprise box!)

Winc: $20 Off Your First Order

Want to skip your upcoming order? Click “skip a month” at least 48 hours before your next order date and your next order process date is instantly updated to next month. It is that simple! It is a wine club with no commitment. Simple as popping bottles.

Speaking of popping bottles for every 10 wines you rate, you’ll receive $10 in credits! Meaning $10 towards a bottle of wine! Free wine! Cheers to that! Clink!

I’ve been Winc wine club member for over a year ago. (This is the longest commitment of my life.) You’ll get fun, awesome bottles of wine just like this bottle of watermelon wine! I love Winc because of the labels! I love Winc because you actually learn about wine through the Winc Journals and recipe cards (with wine pairings) that come with your wines. I don’t know anything about wine – I just drink it. And take pictures with it.


Clink, Clink, Boom

This isn’t an expensive wine club! I wouldn’t be in it. Nor would I still be in it if it was. I like cheap wine. I like good wine. I like fun wine! Wines at the grocery store and liquor stores like Total Wine cost more. Especially, the good bottles of wine. You don’t have to commit or I wouldn’t be in it! I cannot commit to anything in my life. But I can come to saving money on wine, and drinking good wine that’s the price of cheap wine delivered right to my doorstep.

Winc: $20 Off Your First Order

Please support my Phoenix blogger status as I make it to the top of the Phoenix blogger search in Google, and my professional wine drinking career, by ordering some wine from Winc! When you use any of my Winc links to join, just click Winc, you will earn a complimentary $20 of wine. Plus, I can do another Winc “Wine of the Week” because you sent me a free bottle! Cheers to you…and cheers to me! Clink!

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One Perfect Watermelon Drink Recipe

Watermelon season hits prime in August (a well as all summer long). Even Arizona Watermelon. I am not talking the Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. This watermelon wine is more “real” watermelon. This is the perfect watermelon wine sprizter recipe for watermelon season. Hold the spritzer because this is how I drink Arizona Watermelon. I mean, watermelon in Arizona. Is your mouth watering?


  • 1 bottle of 2016 Cocomero Rosé
  • Ice cubes (if you forgot to chill wine prior to serving – I often do and use ice cubes)
  • Wine glasses or Bendiware Drinkware
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges


Cut 2016 Cocomero Rosé watermelon wine bottle open with wine opener of choice. Cut one lime sliced into wedges. (I think we should start drinking wine with wedges like we do other cocktails. Wine not? Let me know if it sucks. Sounds like a great idea!)

Hold the watermelon juice and the sweet white wine. You’re losing Weight Watcher’s points, now!

Fill glass with ice cubes if you didn’t chill your wine. Fill glass with wine. Keeping pouring. Don’t spill. Swirl. Serve. (If you have enough of this watermelon drink you’ll create your own watermelon festival right at home.) Cheers!

Remember, no glass at the pool! Order you’re Bendiware Drinkware here because it’s not included when you join Winc but highly recommended. Plus, you can travel with them. Travel with wine glasses? Girl, you’re crazy! Nope, that’s smart and savvy, professional wine drinking and an essential travel tip.

Until next time, keep it chilled. Keep it fresh. Keep it in season. And, keep it sexy.


The photos in this wine blog are courtesy of Arizona boudoir photographer and portrait retoucher, and selfie portrait expert Emily J Wilson Photography. She told me to indulge in my dream photo shoot. So I did here in Phoenix paradise paired with wine!

Winc: $20 Off Your First Order

I will be with you, right here, at Bad to the Blonde every Wednesday until I run out of wine…but I won’t because you joined Winc by now, right?

Be classy, sassy and a bit watermelon wine drunk bad assy.


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