Yoga and wine to unwind

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Virabhadrasana II or Warrior 2 Pose

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Yoga class? I thought you said pour a glass. Happy Wine Wednesday yoga warrior! I’ve put together my own yoga and wine journal for you with what I know and that’s yoga and wine. Like a yoga and wine 101 if you will. These weekly Winc “Wine of the Week” editions just keep getting better and better. Click here to get $20 off your first order.

This week’s bottle is a beginners guide to both yoga and wine – it’s a free yoga workout if you’re brand new to the mat. If you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner and professional wine drinker like myself, then here are some yoga poses like the  virabhadrasana II or warrior 2 pose with wine. Wine bottles make great yoga props.  If you’re not into either yoga or wine then consider this cheap entertainment.

Whatever type of yoga you’re into, or whatever type you know how to pronounce, at least do some sort of stretch while you sit on your ass and read this. Thank me later. Oh, cheers! You poured a glass of this, right?

Disclaimer: So you don’t sue me because you got drunk and did yoga under the influence of alcohol and tore something…let me be clear that I am not a yoga teacher and I am just a wine drinker who occasionally practices yoga. I am not a doctor. Health insurance is a complete joke and a rip off, and yoga and wine cure everything. My career path is opposite of a nutritionist but I do try to eat more plants than animals. I am not certified by the yoga alliance. My group fitness and USA Gymnastics coaching certifications expired years ago when I quit teaching and coaching.

vinyasa yoga wine bottle

Drop and give me zen

Let’s begin in a seated position know as an easy pose, or sukhasana, with of course the Wine Wednesday essentials – Manduka yoga mat and yoga blocks, and bottle of Winc 2015 Vinyasa Chenin Blanc – and find a comfortable drinking position. You may close your eyes to inhale good shit and exhale bullshit. Feel the bottle in your personal space. Don’t think about the glass you forgot to grab.

It’s a great feeling to be in this space on your Manduka yoga mat where all that matters is you and the Winc bottle of Vinyasa yoga wine. I just love yoga. And wine. Especially when the come together in practice. Look at just how peaceful this yoga is with the right mat and right bottle.

Drop and give me zen but don’t drop the wine bottle!

Easy Pose Sukhasana or yoga and wine pose

Why I practice yoga

There are many different types of yoga and yoga poses in a foreign language. I’m sharing with you what I know. Even if you have never practiced  – you probably know this – which is maybe why you’ve never practiced because you don’t know where to begin. Half the time I am in downward and just want to ask, “Say savasana what? Can you say that one more time? How do you spell that? ” Hopefully this yoga and wine guide will help you.

The first step to beginning yoga (or advancing in your practice) is to purchase a high quality Manduka yoga mat. Your joints, the earth and your practice will thank you. You should also purchase a bottle of wine. There are several types of yoga and wine, and yoga with wine. 

I didn’t start yoga to find spiritual awareness,I started practicing yoga because my body hurt. Anxiety and stress  just wrecks me, I also needed to find some self love and appreciation again.I heard practicing yoga would help with this and help to deal with a breakup. I needed a place and time where it was okay for me to leave daily life, stress and worries behind. Even if it is just for 60 minutes. This is why I do yoga and is also why I drink wine.

Yoga and wine for overall wellbeing

I broke my back two times (three vertebrae total so my neck is junk like the rest of my body). This requires both yoga and wine. My hips are jacked from years of gymnastics, dance and racing snowmobiles, and now a desk job. This requires both yoga and wine. Because of my back injuries, my chin doesn’t touch my chest nor will it ever again. I also didn’t want to stop being able to do the splits. This requires both yoga and wine.

More importantly than practicing yoga to deal with arthritis and pain, I do yoga so I don’t kill anyone – punching people is frowned upon – I also drink wine so I don’t kill anyone. I do yoga to get away from real life. I drink wine to get away from real life. It is a time, and a very rare time, where you have no choice but to shut off electronics and let go of your cell phone. You can’t hold yoga poses, and bottle (I mean, glass) of wine and a cell phone when doing anjaneyasana or yoga lunge pose. If you can, you are drunk. But if you can, props. Pun intended. (I am good sometimes. Really good!)

Anjaneyasana or yoga lunge pose

Home yoga and wine retreat

Vinyasa is my favorite type of yoga…and when I found it in a bottle of wine…I wasn’t going to be at peace without making my own wine and yoga retreat right at home. The real yoga retreats are way to expensive and I am not sure if they serve wine at those. I know they won’t serve this bottle. I also have the right yoga props from the Manduka yoga mat and yoga props, to the Winc Vinyasa yoga wine. This is all much more affordable without the jet lag.

May your Vinyasa yoga flow just like wine pouring out of a bottle.

After this yoga workout and a few glass of this crisp white, you’ll feel like you traveled to a tropical paradise Just find vrikshasana or tree pose. It’s like your naturally creating an island breeze. Ok, you just might need a little more wine than a glass or two to get you there. Just get drunk enough that you don’t know where you are.

And breathe. Do a couple of those oms just to make sure that you are really in the right state of mind.

It’s quite crazy to think all this yoga shit – the benefits and peace – can all be achieved from simply existing on a small space the size of a yoga mat. It’s the cheapest wellness and fitness vacation you’ll ever take.

Vrikshasana or Tree Pose is an asana

Yoga workout for wine lovers

These few simple yoga and wine poses in this workout for wine lovers will strengthen you mentally, emotionally and physically. I like a solid flow. Of Wine. Let’s make this vinyasa flow with wine.

Let’s start bottle up and work our way down. Be strong, warrior wine drinker.

Move through your Vinyasa experience by inhaling this particularly floral Chenin Blanc, with its heightened aromas of white flowers and tart fruit. Before you taste the crisp, refreshing flavors of stone fruit on the palate, take a big inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth and say om-nom-nom a few times.

And move into the next pose. Depending on how you are feeling, you can get creative. Just stay balanced.

Combine all these poses on your Manduka yoga mat with the fact this Winc Vinyasa is vegan-friendly (and the lower-alcohol content won’t make you falling out of tree pose), and you’ve got a balance-restoring bottle perfect as a workout or post-workout pick-me-up. It’s also a great partner for your healthy weeknight dinner. And the bottle makes a great yoga prop for ardha chandrasana or half moon pose.

ardha chandrasana or half moon yoga pose

Unwind and Wine

Winc connects you to a world of exclusive wines tailored to your tastes and delivered directly to your door! You save 10% on a case of 12 bottles. Satisfaction is guaranteed – you’ll never pay for a bottle you don’t like. (This has never happen to me, though.) This is the only wine club I have ever come across that is flexible and not stressful – you can skip a month any time, free of charge! I do this often. I order a case. Then skip a few months and order another case with the click of a button or should I say “clink” of a button! I’m ridiculous.

Winc believes that wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. And we work hard to ensure that the experience of getting a great bottle of wine is as simple as enjoying one. Our team creates and curates over one hundred wines, so you can explore and shop with ease – and spend more time enjoying the wine in your glass.

Manduka Spring '17 Yoga Mats

You set your delivery presences. The number of bottles. The price you want to pay per bottle (Winc Featured is primarily $13/bottle or Winc Select starting at $14/bottle). The bottles you want. You don’t have to get a random assortment if you don’t want to! (But mix it up every once in a while and get a surprise box!)

Want to skip your upcoming order? Don’t fall over!

Brace yourself. Click “skip a month” at least 48 hours before your next order date and your next order process date is instantly updated to next month. It is that simple! It is a wine club with no commitment. Simple as popping bottles.

Now, let’s gentle twist off the cap, I mean find revolved crescent lunge or parivṛtta aṅjaneyāsana.

Revolved Crescent Lunge or Parivṛtta Aṅjaneyāsana


Slay this Wine Wednesday with $20 off your first order of Winc. Yoga is fun but it’s more fun with wine as a yoga prop. It’s also cool to see stronger poses come from a solid foundation and that my friend requires a solid wine club.

Just like you can’t do a handstand until you find yourself slaying childs pose and crow pose – you can’t have good wine without slaying a wine club like Winc. Wine will at least help you find downward dog. Or those triangle versions. I suggest a cahallenging tree pose variation for better balance like tree pose side bend or vrksasana side bend. Whoever said this is a beginner pose has not had any Vinyasa and wine. If you fall, just say tada like tadasana and call it good. You tried. That’s all that matters.

tree pose side bend or vrksasana side bend

I’m down, dog

It’s funny how people think yoga people and yogis are calm. I don’t know about those other people, but I do yoga because I’m nuts! I also like to think I am getting a good workout in but the truth is  I really am! Don’t let some of these yoga photos confuse you. Yoga can get you sweaty, strong and toned. My shoulders have great definition from all those downward dogs.

They say yoga heals the soul and wine quiets the mind. Wait, wine heals the soul and yoga quiets the mind. I’m wondering my mind, body and soul are so at ease.

I practice to relieve stress. Just kidding, I drink wine. And if I drink I too much,  I do an extended side angle pose called utthita parsvakonasana to  boost energy by strengthening and lengthening the side body and get my liver pumping again.

extended side angle pose called Utthita Parsvakonasana

Wine Guru

Doing yoga to clear your mind will help you taste the notes of green apple, honeysuckle, and white peach. You can become a wine guru just through a yoga mat, few poses, one bottle of this Vinyasa and a couple of om…I might be drinking too much wine.

Consider this my hippie juice. I suggest you serve this wine chilled. I would drink it after a hot yoga session. But like I said, I am not a doctor so don’t if you have health reasons a smart person probably would hydrate with water and not alcohol post sweat session.

This wine pairs well with poultry, fish, salad, and veggies, and cat cow yoga poses. All of which a healthy, yogi will love. If you toot after consuming any of this (or during any yoga pose or class) just laugh! You can laugh in yoga. Just blame it on the wine. It’s all about breathe to bowel movement.

cat cow yoga pose

Wine is my yoga mudra

To seal out this practice hold your bottle in mudra and rate. For every 10 wines you rate, you’ll receive $10 in credits! Meaning $10 towards a bottle of wine! Free wine! Cheers to that! Clink! Oooommm…

wine is my mudra

See you in Savasana

Sometimes you need yoga or wine, sometimes you need both at the end of a long ass day; namaste.

Thank you for joining me on the mat today. (Childs pose is great if you get dizzy.  Or need to catch your breath.)

If you need to purchase a Manduka mat, blocks or other yoga props, please use the Manduka links so I get a commission to buy more Winc wine!

Let’s chant, find our mantra, and cultivate spiritual growth.  Let’s awaken ourselves and find out just how much wine we can drink while finding breath to movement. Yoga teachers say that. Wine and yoga are all about balance.

If you can’t balance and want to pass out just find bālāsana who is child’s pose, or child’s resting pose. There’s no right or wrong way to do child’s pose when wine is involved.

Bālāsana, Child's Pose, or Child's Resting Pose is an asana

Namaste Fine

The photos in this wine blog are courtesy of Arizona boudoir photographer and portrait retoucher, and selfie portrait expert Emily J Wilson Photography. She told me to indulge in my dream photo shoot. So I did here in Phoenix paradise paired with yoga and wine! I will be with you, right here, at Bad to the Blonde every Wednesday until I run out of wine…but I won’t because you joined Winc by now, right?

Until next time, keep it chilled. Keep practicing. Namaste. Namaslay.

winc vinyasa yoga wine and mandrake yoga props


Stay classy, sassy and a bit-sober enough to do bad ass yoga poses while drinking wine.


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