New Year, New Me, Cowgirl Chic

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde and I am coming in hot from the wild, wild West in chic, cowgirl glam. I have a love-hate relationship with the quote “attitude is everything” so we are changing it up this year and going with the ” style is everything” version instead. The first version is my mom’s beautiful voice echoing through my soul.

Attitude is everything this year and I am going back to having a personality that sparkles like a sequin dress. (Nobody is going to dim my shit this year.) Sequins technically comes in different patterns and different colors, and I didn’t say my choice of sequins would always be gold (versus black). Following me?

Gypsy cowgirl

Here is how to use chic fashion, sequin and screen tees and all, to reach your New Year’s resolutions and feel like your most sexy, and bad ass self. Dress for success and sass this year with pieces in your closet and let your attitude sparkle and shine! Or go on a shopping spree to start the new year off just right – that always fixes everything. So does wine…and dogs…and taking those cute, chic clothes traveling. (Stay tuned for a blog from Greece. It’s on my list of New Year’s resolutions – to travel more.  Like to Europe.)

I really believe the way you dress (this one is from Baha Ranch Western Wear) and what you choose to wear and when, can really change your personality and attitude. (It certainly does mine – I often wear yoga pants and don’t make it to the gym and I get pretty mad at myself so I can’t just wear yoga pants for the sake of wearing them. Hence the word “workout” outfit.) You can be and feel inspired, motivated, angry, bold and daring, beautiful, chic, desirable, scare-able (Is that even a word?), by what you are wearing. I know when I put on my favorite dress or sexy outfit, it brings me to life. I also put on makeup. My favorite boots, or my fake Valentino’s from Jessica Simpson, and I leave my house. Other clothes just don’t invoke this sense of being nor attitude in me.

New year, same me

For the past (almost) four years, I have fought where I lived. I’ve fought and questioned who I am as so many things were changing and still are. I have also lived in yoga pants, not very chic, and it sucked the sparkle and shine right out of me. I rarely worked out even though I was really dressed for success but then again, they were boring black leggings. That’s sad and so bad. I don’t like bad things – like that anyway. So, I’m back. Not a different person just a better person with a clearer, less complex perspective. I have stopped wearing eyeliner most days of the week (it was easier than I thought) and fell in love with my eyes. I stopped waxing my eyebrows and starting threading them instead because I hated them – now they are much thicker. Yoga pants are only on if I am going to be active in them. I started a new, chic career in fashion – a completely different industry than my past in motorsports. I planted my cowgirl boots in western Phoenix. It’s 2018, I am here to shine.

New year, new me

Maybe you’re thinking what I’m thinking. New year, new me. Or maybe you’re not. New year, same me. New year’s resolutions shouldn’t about changing who you are or losing weight. Every year, we should drive to be more alive, and find beauty and strength in the things that are both inside (who you really are) and around us. I don’t like to accept things. So I am starting with my closet for a reminder. Motivation. Perspective not the person I am. Here goes: I have a lot of shit. Chic shit. Crappy, old shit. Cute shit. Fancy shit. Plain shit.

So here is to wearing my favorite clothes (and pieces that have been collecting dust because I have no place to where them) whenever and wherever I want this year! Even if they are bold and eye-catching, and not appropriate for the day, time or place, I am going to wear that shit. Just like a beautiful candle, it’s meant to be lit. Here is to working out at my favorite places. Here is to doing things that make me feel alive, chic, sexy and bad ass. This is going to be a year of beautiful, bad ass, sexiness. A year full of smiles! A year full of everything…

You can be bold and rugged, yet beautiful and feminine just like a glam cowgirl in chic fashion. As I’ve said before in a previous blog with two really cute outfits…let’s get wild. Let’s get western. I hope you sparkle with sass this year, too. I certainly plan on it.

Happy New Year!

Sequin gypsy cowgirl dress from Baha Ranch Western Wear. (USE MY CODE BADTOTHEBLONDEXOXO AT CHECKOUT) Cowboy boots optional.

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