Puppy Love

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. I love Valentine’s Day! Figured I would take this opportunity to share my thoughts from a single lady on this glorious holiday who is drunk on puppy love. Throw your hands up! Consider this a single girl’s guide to having a badass Valentine’s Day in just a few simple steps.


Dogs before diamonds

First off, yes, my dogs have a pet photographer here in Phoenix. Araya Photography blows me away everytime I put her to the challenge. Neither her, nor my dogs, skills and talents disappointment.

Second, I will never love a man as much as I do (my) dogs. Let’s get to it.


Love the day

I actually love Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day does not suck – unless you are miserable with yourself which is why you hate the day because you aren’t in a relationship. Guess who just bought herself cupcakes? And had them delivered. Food is better than flowers. And I will sleep just fine tonight. In my king size bed. With my dog. (Who snuggles if I want him to.)

All the more reason

What are the rest of the reasons? Where do I begin? Let’s keep this short and sweet. Pun intended.

There is no other day more perfect than Valentine’s Day to wear bright red or pink lipstick and pink eyeshadow. Don’t hold back. Cute Valentine’s Day clothes are also a fun addition. Wear your heart on your sleeves. (Pun intended.)


Valentine’s Day is like Halloween but better. And you don’t look stupid dressed up. Desperate and cute. Maybe. Perfect candidate for the next bachelorette. Definitely.

A dozen roses

You can totally carry around roses today just like a normal person. However, if you were to do it another day of the year – then it would just be weird. Especially if you’re alone in public. Dressed for the occasion like a desperate soul on a date. (If I ever went on a Tinder or Bumble date I would totally show up with my “Let’s Pet Dogs Together” sweatshirt and roses in hand.) Were they a gift from a complete stranger? A boyfriend? Husband? Maybe you’re having an affair.  Did you buy them yourself? Does anyone really care how you got them? Just buy them yourself. It feels and smells just as good! Bonus, fake ones don’t die.

Not to mention, it’s another day to eat a ridiculous amount of sugar and not feel a damn bit guilty. Because it’s a holiday. After all, dessert certainly “gives me the feels”. Like my dog.


Fly solo

I also booked my first adult international trip to a place I have always loved to go visit just because it’s Valentine’s Day. And I deserve a big ass treat for making it this far in my life without being engaged or in too many relationships. I can’t wait to fly away and discover a whole lot more to love about my life! Because I am single and I can do what I what.


You do you

I heard a quote once that said something like, “fall I love with as many things as possible”. Dogs. Diamonds. Drinking wine. Those are all the more reason to love Valentine’s Day! Truly, what  a treat of all of these are.

Valentine’s Day as a kid was so wonderful – like puppy love. I’m going to keep it that way. It was way more fun as a kid. The little cards. Cute clothes. Drunk AF on sugar. I think we need to go back to that.

My dog is my valentine. I actually have two. Aren’t I so loved? You aren’t alone if the dogs are home.


Be classy, sassy and bit dog-Mom bad assy.



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