How to style your boudoir photoshoot

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Here are five tips for how to style your boudoir photoshoot. The list in order of importance includes: how to pick the photographer, location, what to wear, hair and makeup. Leave it to me to tell you how to style your boudoir photoshoot because Maxim and Playboy won’t – the pics just makes us dream to be something we aren’t – neither will InStyle Magazine.  We can’t even afford the clothes to even consider wearing anything within those pages for a boudoir shoot. For this purpose, you can count on me. This is a simple guide to creating your own tasteful, comfortable and classy AF boudoir shoot with sexy, natural photos. 

Get it girl

Above all the side effects of a boudoir photoshoot are for you to experience…and to share with, well, whoever the hell you want. I decided to share another boudoir shoot with you because I have changed since the last one. For the most part, so did the photographer who actually uses my photos to inspire others because they are too damn good to keep hidden. It’s a win-win and that’s why I am doing this. Honestly, too much time and effort, and more importantly pride and emotion, goes into boudoir art and the final images from this shoot are stunning. I want to yell “It’s Britney, bitch” but it’s Bad to the Blonde.

I felt myself come alive in new skin, in a new style, in a new light. To illustrate the importance of a great photographer let’s start with number one.

“One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a woman. That is the way all females should feel.”

Marilyn Monroe

1. The Photographer

To illustrated the importance of picking the right photographer first, let me introduce you to Araya Photography. Seeing that the photographer is your end result and the photos are the finish product, and the whole reason why you started this project to begin with, you should start by selecting a photographer who’s photos you like. Then, I suggest that’s the photographer is female for several reasons.

She hit all the right angles and captured me in ways and angles I didn’t expect. I am a professional model. Meaning, I get paid to model. You can find me in agency talent books all around the country. I am not an insta model. However, this was my shoot. For my blog. Boudoir photos for my future husband. For you. For this photographer.

You want to be comfortable.

Why did I pick Araya Photography? Rachel made me feel comfortable. She knows the vulnerability. She’s a woman. I pushed boundaries with her and that wouldn’t have happened with a male photographer. For the most part, I have always worked with male photographers, but now I’m also now in a relationship so that changes things. That’s why I love to shoot with Rachel. Remember, there was a “my first time” shooting with her. This was my third. I am a constant talker. She barely says a word so consider her the “silently snapper” and let her do what she’s does. I loved watching her move around the room. She was on the bed as much as I was…which means teamwork makes the dream work. This is your shoot. A time to just be. Let the photographer do her job. Get off Pinterest and delete the boudoir photoshoot ideas and boudoir photo poses board because there are no perfect poses. Sitting on a white chair in a flannel shirt with jean shorts is not boudoir. Click. Click. Boom.

Get it? Cool. Now for tip number two!

2. The location

Location is extremely important! Because if I am going to look and feel this good, it won’t be happening in the comfort of my own home. I have two dogs and a cat, and barely put away my laundry.  No studio boudoir. In reference to tip number one, the photographer should help you select the boudoir shoot location. I love boudoir sessions in real locations – if you’re going out for the night you dress for the location! Studios are staged and controlled environments. I consider posing to be fake. Boudoir is supposed to be real, raw, movement. It’s easy to do a Google search to see what the room will look like (hint, tip number three). We chose hotel FOUND:RE Phoenix. Everything from the vibe to the room setting and decor, and colors, all made this shoot picture perfect, literally.

Selecting the location brings us to tip number three. This is supposed to be real life but it’s also a photoshoot and not eating Cheetos in your bed. The vibe, decor and colors need  to work with your outfits…which is step number three. Surprisingly, let’s get dressed!

3. What to wear

We all know what it’s like to get home and rip your bra off. By all means, that should be part of your shoot but in a more graceful way. In reference to tip number one – photographer – she will shoot you in whatever you bring so welcome to tip number three. In reference to tip number two – location – dress for the occasion. (Just don’t dress like you’re going to church). More specifically, reference the color wheel and style boudoir outfit ideas and accessories to complement (not contrast) the decor.

Style guidlines

I suggest the seven elements of photography…but as style guidelines.

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Color
  • Space

It seems there are more lists and guidelines for fashion rules to break than to follow. You have everything in your closet to create boudoir outfit ideas and what to wear for a boudoir shoot so it’s all about the incorporating three elements minimum. For example, I love the mustard yellow/gold velvet bodysuit with jewelry and statement shoes. That look combined line, shape, texture, and color with the space with a classic yet unexpected look that worked with the blues and industrial design elements in the space. I love wearing that out with denim – it was already in my closet.  Of course, traditional lingerie is great but go with black and white because there is a lot you can do (and not do with it, if you know what I mean). However, don’t be scared to wear patterns. Pattern is after all, a photography element.

Traditionally, untraditional

For the second look in my shoot, I wore lace lingerie with jeans and accessorized with colorful jewelry. I also had a duster, various jacket and vests to layer. Surprisingly, adding clothes to your shoot and just not wearing a bra and panty is what makes it more natural and stylish. The black lace teddy with acid wash jeans looked so great in the room because I Googled it. Picture just getting back to the hotel room on a weekend out in the city. You didn’t wear just a bra and the bouncer won’t let you in in your thong. Look at the elements of photography pop in that look. No shoes, no shirt, no service. I love statement shoes. Pack your favorite heels or boots. Especially if he’s a guy who likes when you wear heels to bed. Again, it’s all about including the elements for photos with composition.

The jewelry

Lastly, bring necklaces, bracelets, earrings to complement your clothing and not distract from your body. You complete an outfit with jewelry and accessories when you go out. I suggest you join Rocksbox. (Click the banner or use code “BADTOTHEBLONDEXOXO” at checkout for a free month.) Thank me later.



 4. The hair

Save money and do your own hair. Your shoot is going to be real. Raw. And rowdy. So don’t mess up that $100 style. Seriously. Most likely you do your own hair everyday anyway. Let it be! See how easy tip number four is? Do what you do girl. I also just saved you $100 so hire that photographer you really want to shoot with. (Side note: I did get my cut and color freshened up a few days before this shoot because I looked like I was homeless and my roots were grown out four inches. I’m also an eighties child. I looked good. I felt good. But I curled my hair like usual that day.) 

Are you worried about having a bad hair day on the day of your shoot? Whip your hair back and forth. Messy hair don’t care. Problem solved.

5. The makeup

Here is where I suggest that you splurge. Spend the extra money and hire a makeup artist. If you’re in Phoenix I suggest you hire @makeupbymapple. To illustrate the importance of hiring a makeup artist please know that I can’t even put on red lipstick. It goes on my damn teeth. I have no top lip. And I get it on my clothes every damn time I’m wearing white! (And, it’s lipstick not wine. I know the difference!) In the same manner with boudoir eye makeup, I end up with a smokey eye like a stripper at 2 A.M., and I have a very small eyelid.

Classic is always on-trend

Above all, the classic, vintage, Marliyn Monroe look is timeless. And timeless is sexy AF. In fact it’s my go-to look.

Never did I think I would give a Kardashian one dollar of my money. But I did. Because I am in love. Mary Jo K Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner is a true blue red. The Matte Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip.  Of course it’s a Kylie favorite. Mary Jo K, marry me. I suggest you bring this with so you have it in your arsenal. Never underestimate the power of lipstick and high heels.

Au Naturel

I’m over filters. Above all, perfect photoshopped bodies. I’m bringing sexy back with an au naturel taste of vintage glam. Basically, we all still love Marilyn Monroe and she’s been dead for 56 years. That’s because she’d be our best friend. In like fashion, I wanted to pull off her signature look in the 20th century.

Oh, don’t forget to do your squats and not just for a nice butt. It really is a great stress reliever and is good for the stamina you will need when the camera starts clicking.


black lace bodysuit

velvet yellow bodysuit hotel room

red lips

velvet yellow bodysuit

vintage glam makeup

black and white boudoir

velvet yellow body suit

vintage glam make up with red lip

marilyn monroe makeup

marilyn monroe makeup

marilyn monroe red lips

hotel room boudoir

marilyn monroe vintage makeup with red lip

black lace bodysuit boudoir

vintage boudoir

black and white boudoir hotel

boudoir heels


vintage glam makeup

boudoir pose with heels

hotel window sexy pose

sexy gold velvet bodysuit

black and white boudoir

marilyn monroe pose

sexy boudoir legs pose

lace bodysuit and jeans

black lace body suit

vintage glam makeup with red lips

black bodysuit and jeans

hotel room window pose

heels and bodysuit outfit

Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.


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  1. Dani these are awesome photos, you look natural and relaxed. I cannot imagine doing this as I am so shy, my husband would have a heart attack if I ever did this for him.
    But this is so you, I love that you can literally go from half naked, to jeans and sweatshirts, to snomobiles, you are every man’s dream!
    I am sooo happy that you and Brian found each other, you seem like the “perfect couple”, I am sooo excited to see your wedding pictures.
    Congratulations and good luck❤

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