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Hello, I’m in love with my friend. But don’t worry it’s still the same me – Bad to the Blonde. Since the holidays are upon us I’m finally no longer single. Perfect timing? By all means, but I had a three year streak going…but I decided to break it and date my “just a friend”. Here is how I started dating my friend and why I hope you can date your friend, too.

Love in the fast lane

We all love a good love story. As a matter of fact ours is quite the story. Actually,  a long one that started over eight years ago…or so we think. We lost count. However, the debate still stands on exactly when we met and our first interaction – I honestly don’t remember and neither does he. It was through our mutual friend, Bree who is a total bad ass babe. (Thanks girl!) What we know for sure is that we met on the road racing scene and we both have a need for speed. Fitting for two gear heads.

I come from a long list of motorsport street cred myself. He comes from even more. Which is actually why I never wanted to date him before.

Reality TV

Honestly, I kept thinking I was going to become the next Bachelorette but Brian’s been my Bachelor all this time. Videos are up on my YouTube channel (it’s becoming our channel) from all of our adventures. So go watch! U.S. World Superbike at Laguna Seca has become an annual trip through his company Riders Discount selling a lot of Pirelli motorcycle tires. Then we decided to add Stockholm to the mix.

You be my glass of wine, I’ll be your shot of whiskey

There are a lot more details in between all this…like his trips to Arizona and my trip to Michigan for my 30th birthday a few years back. The “Wine Wednesday” phone calls with him and my best friend Amanda are also important times in our friendship. There were also signs like the times I called and interrupted his dates, and he would always answer.

“Let’s just kiss and get this over with”

It all happened very quickly even though I often wondered what it would be like to be with him. He pretty much said, “let’s just kiss and get this over with” before I had time to think or breathe. I give him a lot of credit for never doing this years sooner. Surprisingly, we never shared a bed together. Spoiler alert…until recently. “Friend-zoned”. That’s what we did to each other. We didn’t want to screw it up because we had so much damn fun together. Without a doubt it’s quite scary wondering what will happen with your friend once you “cross the line”. Will it work? What if feelings change and what will our friends think? I will tell you this, I fell head over heels in love with my friend, and I didn’t think it was possible to love and adore him any more than I already did. Nothing else matters.

Grip it and rip it

I loved him (so much) as a friend. We’ve taken trips all over the world together and sealed the deal in Stockholm recently after many, many weekends together.

Here’s how you find love: stop looking. Stop trying. Let that shit just happen because it’s going to happen with whomever it’s supposed to. Most likely it’s been right in front of you for years. And if it doesn’t workout, if he’s a friend – he will still be yours afterall. (Brian knows he’s stuck with me.)

Here’s to you babe, I love you so much.

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