Tights are the $10 trend to transition into fall style

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. One way to transition into fall when you love summer is to wear fashion tights with shorts. Key word, fashion. Basically I spent over 10 years dancing, so I don’t need another nude, sun tan or black opaque pair of tights. Keep reading. Tights with shorts is a fall and winter fashion trend that will never go out of style if you love summer!

Without a doubt it’s all about balance when completing an outfit. There are a few key styling tips when wearing tights with shorts so you don’t look like a walking nineties fashion trend or a high school girl. This is one of my favorite ways to wear shorts in cool weather and look like a trendsetter who has it going on.

Tights are only $10

I’ll admit it. I like cheap and easy, on-trend fashion which reminded me about living in the nineties as a teen and wearing tights with shorts. Tights are the ultimate $10 dollar accessory for the season to complete an outfit. But don’t forget about Rockbox – it’s the ultimate $20 dollar accessory for all month long. That’s money well spent on easy, low maintenance and high fashion style.

Fishnet tights are perfect for bike week, a rock concert or Halloween…but a floral pair is stylish and classy with a vintage, unexpected touch of style for every day, all day wear. Thank you Target for selling $10 fashion tights. Bring on the cold weather.

Sweater weather

Incorporate fall’s hottest color in a cropped knit sweater with high waist shorts in a dark wash. Sad news, summer ended, so put away light wash everything. (Spring will be here before you know it.)  I have on Levi’s 502s, which are my favorite short because they fit perfect!

Finally, finish the look with  a pattern like a bright floral bootie. Coordinate here! Some part of an outfit has to match and have a common theme. For instance, if I wear fishnets, I wear moto boots. If I wear floral tights, I wear floral booties. My style is totally feminine edge – I call it biker chickish. I like to ask myself, “What theme am I wearing?” Flower power with a bit of badass…alright, feeling it. Contrast everywhere else. The Gianni Bini floral bootie with a pointy toe completed the outfit with the added colors and pattern that I was looking for. Side note, I scored at the Dillard’s clearance center for under $30. Had to brag!

Whether you fancy yourself a fashion connoisseur or a budding stylist, you’ll feel like a work of art in these fashion tights. Slip into your favorite little black dress with pearls and pumps for a classic look, or style yourself an eccentric ensemble with bright colored boots or hells, a patterned skirt or denim, and a sweater or graphic tee. By all means go wild with the fabulously endless possibilities with floral fishnet tights.

Show me how you’re wearing tights with shorts and tag your stylist @badtothebride. Even I can use all the help [inspiration] I can get.

Photography by: https://arayaphotography.com


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