Shawl we get on with it

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The best part about this season’s go-to plaid is that it’s not a button up – it’s an accessory! No matter where you live, plaid is “in”. Trend this winter? Plaid. The trend to wear next winter? Plaid. And you probably have at least three plaid print variations in your closet including a pink, a red and a green, and several ways to wear plaid saved to your Pinterest – am I right or am I right? But I’m guessing you don’t have this season’s cherry pick.

Bundle up

I’ve had my eyes on a shawl for quite sometime. It’s like a scarf and blanket met and reproduced, and the shawl was created. Wrap me up. Warm me up. And serve me with a side of peppermint latte better yet a hot toddy. Are you looking for a new piece to add to your cold weather wardrobe? Something stylish for those dreaded days of getting out of bed when your bed is so damn comfy…if you’re a girl that loves leggings and skinny jeans, this is the perfect sweater supplement to a comfy and cozy, winter outfit.

Faux real

This season’s love of faux fur is in added trims with all that warmth and texture. This shawl was not only one hell-of-a-deal but it had that faux fur collar to justify the purchase. (Because if you’re like me, we have to justify everything.) No animals were harmed in the making of this cruelty free clothing staple. Justified. 

To add instant style points play off the faux fur collar with tortoise earrings. This set came in my Rocksbox and they complete the outfit in complement neutral colors. Use my code BADTOTHEBLONDEXOXO to get your first month of unlimited jewelry for FREE! Accessorizing with jewelry really is the final step before walking out the door. Simple statement earrings makes it easy.

Now let’s talk jeans because going out without pants on his not only frowned upon, baby it’s cold outside. I can’t justify spending over $100 on baby blues. That’s why I love Levi’s. Like fucking love Levi’s. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is brutal. I literally want to cry to in the dressing room – then they add in the awful lights and I don’t want to eat for days. And I really like to eat. I’m human. A girl needs to eat! Let me add that I love my body and I work hard for it – and I also treat myself whenever the hell I feel like it. Bottle of wine? Sure. Tub of Tillamook? Don’t stop me. Champagne for breakfast..if only I didn’t have a day job. 

Shawl we get on with it

I am an online shopper. Let me rephrase that – I buy things daily online including jeans. Gutsy. Right, I know! That’s really living on the edge for a woman. So I added the Levi’s Wedgie Fit Skinny Jeans randomly to the shopping cart because I wanted to get on the high rise bandwagon. However the item name wanted me to think twice. Honestly, I don’t find the wedgie, heart shaped butt emphasizing detail to be the least bit attractive. Back got back to denim – they fit my athletic body the best because my proportions are well, not proportionate at all. Plus, the button-fly makes them feel designer without the price tag. The product description says: “The cheekiest pants in your closet—now with a skinny leg. Inspired by vintage Levi’s® jeans, these jeans hug your waist and hips. Levi’s® new fabrication, sculpt featuring soft, means this pair has a delicate blend of ultra-soft fibers and powerful stretch.” They don’t ride up my butt like leggings you see on women that are a wee-bit-too-tight. I promise you that you won’t get a wedgie but they will emphasize that derrière. I would be surprised if you don’t love them as much as I do. And I love to lift weights. And eat. Whenever I want. Ok, they have 3% elastane for that right amount of stretch to bundle it all in. You know what I mean. Shawl, we get on with it? 



faux fur collar red plaid shawl 2

faux fur collar red plaid shawl 3

faux fur collar red plaid shawl 1

faux fur collar red plaid shawl 4faux fur collar red plaid shawl

red plaid shawl 2

red paid shawl and jeans 1

red paid shawl

tortoise hoop earring outfit

red paid shawl and jeans

Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.


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