Three key trends to wear for your New Year’s Eve outfit

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Rose gold sequin shimmers and shines with sharp, chic black velvet for a head to toe New Year’s Eve look that’s right down to the glitter and gold. ​​​​​I like to use and incorporate design elements when putting together a complete outfit. It’s just visually (more) appealing. Since three is a magic number, sequin, velvet and rose gold are three key trends featured in this party look. Shapely accessories like rose gold hoop earrings, cat eye rose gold sunglasses and a rose quartz ring complete the party outfit, and play off my mirror disco ball theme. You’ll see a few inspirations from the 1970s however everything is fashion forward and totally on-trend.

What I’m wearing for New Year’s Eve is badass and edgy with plenty of sex appeal and class – check out that open back. I’ve got sparkle in my eyes because it’s been a damn good (and might I add “stylish”) year. Compared to the last…and the one before that. As I look back, and recap the year and see everything from rose gold glasses, I’ll be honest – I shined! That was the inspiration for this outfit. This life is my movie and I’m the star.

No bra club

It’s New Year’s Eve and not National No Bra Day, however both days have something in common – there’s nothing more freeing than going braless and whether you’re going out or staying in – it’s invigorating. This open back sequin crop top from Forever 21 has all the coverage for the girls in the front and party in the back. Trust me, no one wants to hear you on New Year’s Eve say, “I’m afraid I can’t go I’ve taken my bra off so I’m in for the night”.  I challenge you…thank me later.

All that glitters is gold

Life throws shit at you so cover it in glitter. Hopefully, your year wasn’t that bad…but if it was then here are some tips for a quick fix to pul yourself together for one more night. Don’t forget about the final touches to your look. Like, matching gold glitter nails [to your shirt], rose gold hoops and a contrasting moody lip. The Rouge Dior Liquid Lip Stain in Poison Metal was the right shade for all night long – just dark enough. As a blonde, I find it very hard to wear a dark lip but rose gold is the perfect compliment.  And the a subtle sparkle. The point isn’t to look like a mirror disco ball but to be the life of the party.

Sparkle all night long

Let them say, “She is bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne”. Throw the glitter! Let’s toast. This is your year to sparkle. Ring it in! ​​​​​​​May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions. Cheers.


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