Thank you

Hi, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. What a year, thank you! I don’t think we take time to brag about ourselves and appreciate our accomplishments outlaid for the world wide web to hear, and since it’s my blog and my brand, I can do whatever the hell I want. Damn that feels good to get that out! Now for the rest…buckle up.

The photos don’t take themselves

Thank you Rachel from Araya Photography for dedicating so much time and energy into capturing all my last minute outfits. She is the one that makes this blog come to life. Without her, I am not Bad to the Blonde. As a model and on-camera talent reporter, I cannot get enough time in front of the camera. It’s where I truly feel alive and free, and creative. Rachel is extremely talented, under paid, and has her hands full. (She also has a three kids, husband and a dog at home, and  other clients besides myself to balance.) I enjoy working with her so much.  She puts in more work than I do. The words come from her photos. I upload, drink wine and type away.

Click, click boom

Thank you, yes you, for clicking, scrolling, reading and sharing! Being a blogger costs a lot of wine and I lose a lot of sleep trying to keep up with this blogging hobby that has now turned into a business. I should have kept a spreadsheet of how many bottles of wine I’ve drunk to partake in this side hustle. The hangovers are well worth it. Thanks again!

Blog to business

The best is yet to come! This year has really been a year of triumphs and I’m on a roll. I have checked things off the bucket list that have been on there for damn near 15 years. This year I competed in a bikini fitness competition and won a trophy eating a little more fish, doing more cardio, and drinking wine right up to the night before the show, went to Stockholm, got a tattoo, got a boyfriend, said goodbye to Arenacross, and started my own online clothing line. I am leaving 2018 healthy, happy, engaged, and on a mission. Whether you are bad to the blonde, bad to the brunette, or bad to the bone, I love you. Cheers to a healthy, happy and successful 2019. ​​​​​​​ 

Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.


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