How to work that Gucci look

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. You know the saying, “no pair of workbooks were ever stolen” when people are looting? That’s the inspiration why I styled this bootleg, pun intended, Gucci tee outfit. Let’s start with the boots because a pair of Timberlands is not just a style symbol. Work boots mean work.

Work, work, work, work, work, work
You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work
You see me do me dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt
There’s something ’bout that work, work, work, work, work, work
When you a gon’ learn, learn, learn, learn, learn, learn
Me na care if me tired, tired, tired, tired, tired, tired

I came across an article titled “Why bootleg Gucci is, to some, more, authentic than the real thing.” Of course, I have more than an opinion. Bad to the Blonde has a Gucci inspired tee for the blonde and boujee available in the shop now. (Let’s give it up the brunettes because they can wear every color in the rainbow.)

This Gucci inspired tee isn’t a straight bootleg, knock off. It’s a replica with a badass twist. Roses aren’t feminine like a floral bouquet. Roses are badass with a symbolic meaning. The roses symbolize my love for fashion, the blood of my enemies (kidding, not kidding), respect and devotion. Being “bad to the blonde” isn’t easy. It’s like being blonde in general has some sort of innocence that goes along with it…insert dumb blonde joke, high school cheerleader, and pageant queen. Being blonde today takes work to establish street cred. I can’t tell you how many times I have to hit the mute button on Instagram and YouTube. It’s like the most competitive hair color. We scroll for hours on Instagram and become obsessed with that boujee blonde. However, a majority of the blonde population uses box hair dye and wishes we could afford a hair appointment at Habit Salon with Chrissy. Let’s be real…I’ll stick with this Gucci tee and get back to work.

Blonde and Boujee

This wasn’t meant to be a knock-off. Nothing short of a style symbol like the authentic. Women’s motorcycle clothing always seems to have either a skull or a rose and I was born in 1986 like the band “Guns and Roses”. If I wanted to be a knock-off then I would have copied the Gucci white floral logo tee with multi-color embroidery and not went with something a little more badass. I am more creative than that…but still blonde and boujee.

This is exactly why I designed the Bad to the Blonde Gucci replica tee with authentic logo. Let me start over. I’m corn fed. The Midwest weather dictated fashion and a pair of Timberland boots is a wardrobe staple. Maurices was, and still is, the place to shop over any department store but Target still tops the list…at least nowadays it has a boutique feel and cute accessories. Anyway…I moved to Scottsdale. Then California. Then back to Arizona. My Mama told me, “never forget where you came from”. In all due respect, here is my monochromatic Gucci tee with white shorts and Timberlands because if that’s not country, and boujee, than I don’t know what is.

Fake people get old real quick but somethings, like a white tee and your roots, remains authentic.

gucci blonde boujee tee
Araya Photography

Stay blonde to the boujee, Gucci.


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