Red, white and bodysuit

Hi, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Being American is so badass. So are bodysuits. One of the most versatile and underdogs of fashion trends is the bodysuit. A black or white lace, velvet and printed bodysuit are what I consider to be bodysuit wardrobe staples – a little variety doesn’t hurt for last minute looks! I tend to wear the lingerie trend all year long to style a variety of looks since it makes layering with a cardigan or duster so damn easy. Usually, a bodysuit is a boudoir shoot essential and I do not disagree. Read the blog here.  However, there is one particular bodysuit in my closet that works for a variety of occasions and not just as a Fourth of July outfit.

Red, white and blue

I love Americana pieces. I’m also proud to be an American. For this blog, I will stick with patterns and not politics. I bleed red, white and blue so when I saw this American flag bodysuit hanging on the wall in Windsor, I literally almost bought two. You cannot have enough stars and stripe sass in your closet. Now thinking about it, I have red, white and blue infinity scarf, burnout flag duster, bodysuit, muscle tee, and like fifteen bikinis. Back to bodysuits… Bodysuits can be uncomfortable. If you have an overly long toros like myself, they are really uncomfortable. I always size up to make a bodysuit fit my long body! Also, consider the fabric and construction. The bodysuits from Forever 21 seem to have a little stretch so after a Bloody Mary, few beers and a veggie burger, I still have room to breathe. (I am such a Midwest girl!) Black and white are neutrals for every woman’s wardrobe. I am not a minimalist. Nor do I want to be. Pattern neutrals make up my closet and that means red, white and blue.

Complete the look

Cutoff destructed jean shorts continue to be a sexy, go-to summer staple. I love that as I’ve aged, there are age appropriate inseams and styles that I can wear to flaunt my hard work at the gym. Finding shorts in general to fit my athletic thighs and lean model waist shape is struggle for me. The waist will either gap or the blood flow stops at my thighs (the bulging does not). I have a 24 inch waist and a side of thighs. Honestly,  I am ok with it! The Free People cutoff shorts in this look have on-trend destruction with hem short enough for the pockets to hang out but are not overall destructed. The cleaner look is age appropriate. I am addicted to shoes. Any basic outfit can be stylish with the trendy shoes. Flip flops and sandals are a spring and summer staple and the last thing I tend to wear to finish my look of the day. For a lean leg tip, put those toes in large, chunky wood sandals. Platform sandals add supermodel height  and style points. The Steve Madden Clique platform sandal has a retro vibe that will turn heads. I love how comfortable the suede upper and cushioned footbed is. I wear chunky sandals with shorts, dresses and bodysuits. Finally, the lipstick. I pledge in fashion, to always wear lipstick. And to the outfit in which it will match, or at least coordinate, with plenty of color for all day wear. Since a printed bodysuit makes a statement, finish the look with a light eyeshadow and bright red lip. Lipstick the perfect accessory. A deep red like Ruby Woo retro matte lipstick from MAC.  Red symbolizes hardiness and valour in the American flag, and in this look it is just badass.
Red, white and blue American bodysuit from Windsor.  Light was cutoff destructed jean shorts from Free People. MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick. Chunky wood platform sandals from Steve Madden.
Photo credit: Araya Photography 

Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy.


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