Why camo has gone high fashion

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Maybe its long standing military roots advocate for the print but unlike seventies stripes, camouflage never goes out of style. It’s the most versatile, popular print in my closet and it will be in yours, too. Whether you like high fashion, street style or dive bars, if a print could be considered a neutral it would be this one. If there is one print anyone can wear, anywhere, it’s camo.  

I have $20 camo shortalls from Forever 21 to $795 Valentino Garavani Rockrunner camouflage-print sneakers. (Props to my man for picking the perfect colorway of the shoes in which I will be buried in. With my love for shoes, I actually hope they can maybe change them a few times before my final send off.) I disguise joggers with a blouse and heels, and dress up a printed pocket tee with high rise belted trousers to wear to the office. I have a camo bikini, camo jeans, camo workout leggings, camo off the shoulder top…the point is, camo is chic, sporty and everything but invisible. 

What’s the real story?

Almost three years ago, I uploaded my first fashion vlog to YouTube. You can still watch the video and those same camo shortalls are in my closet. (I recently wore them out one night in Scottsdale to a sports bar with a muscle band tee underneath.) Luxury items will last a lifetime, but seriously let’s talk about the fact that I still have $20 shortalls from Forever 21. (And I am not 21.) My first style blog included that piece and here we are this many years later talking camo style again! I didn’t even have to repurposed the content. Clearly I can’t part with camo and for good reason.  

How can you actually wear this?

I have one style rule for wearing camo print. Notice I said “print” and not “prints”.  One camo print piece per outfit keeps it feminine. We don’t want you to disappear. This time I dressed up sporty pieces for a high fashion look than anything but tomboy. I wanted to try the bike short trend without blending in, pun intended, with the 20 year olds. Not to mention, I also wasn’t about to wear a crop top to pull this off. 

The goal with this biker short outfit is to look athleisure not athletic. Accessorizing with lime green for a pop of color is one of my favorite ways to wear camo! I didn’t even realize I did something like this years ago until I went to update the Bad to the Blonde Pinterest board with this new, high fashion camo outfit idea. Maybe we can’t keep up with the trends because according to Google the beaded and pearl embellished handbag trend was so 2018. However, Instagram disagrees and so do I. So find one that fits your iPhone and add the feminine touch of a pearl handbag to any outfit looking a little tomboy. Your inner biker chick will thank you.  

Camouflage mesh top  from Forever 21. Faux pearl tote bag in white from Forever 21. Blank NYC faux leather biker shorts. Erin dress sandal in neon green from Steve Madden. Clear resin hoop earrings from Dillard’s. 

Photo credit: Araya Photography 

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