Puff sleeve tops let you skip shoulder day

Hello, it’s me, Bad to the Blonde. Puff sleeve tops let skip shoulder day but just remember summer bodies are made in the winter! Blanched tops with feminine accents should be on your shopping list. The latest detail updating blouses creates a broader shape without the weight and the style is easy to wear. Don’t think the fancy look will trump or not fit your style. Let’s address it. Strong is beautiful and strong-willed women are here to stay. Wearing white is crisp and cool just like the weather. It is such renaissance thinking to feel that there is some secret to wearing white after Labor Day. Let me be the first to tell you that you’re out of style if you follow fashion rules.

Puff up and skip shoulder day

Strong shoulders make women look tough, powerful and resilient. It’s my favorite asset and I pride myself on standing proud and showing them off. Yet, I will take an excuse to skip shoulder day if puff sleeve tops are a quick fix! The dimension of puff sleeves makes a statement and it’s wearable – unlike dated eighties shoulder pads. The latest styles are modern with square necklines and chic ruffles details in all the right places. I loved the Lucy Paris top because it’s stark and straight-forward. Chest detail ties, literally, it all of it together. Girly and feminine style can be badass when you wear it right. Throw the rulebook out the window and get ready to wear the hottest white trend with your favorite skinny jeans. Mine so happen to be the Levi’s Wedgie Fit because they are a perfect fit to my shapely thighs and small waist. The last thing I want to wear is jeans, and if I have too, I sure as hell don’t fly in them. Not going to lie, I have two pairs of baby blues that I wear if I have to wear jeans. This pair of Levi’s is one of them (every blog with denim includes one of these two pairs). The other is destructed, high rise Joe’s Jeans and they now have a hole in the crotch…high rise, small waist problems. Cue sweatshirt season!!!

White is wealth

It’s been said that white is a sign of wealth. I am addicted to white shoes and boots but needed to find other ways to wear white so I wanted to get a new top with statement sleeves. Trust me, you’ll feel like such a boss. Without wearing a blazer. So duh, I have been wearing the latest color trend a lot as I work on growing my clothing line. If the puff sleeve trend is too much for you than get ready dress up a white sweatshirt. Yes, you read that right! A sweatshirt is now a versatile silhouette made for anything but lounging. You can shop new arrivals including white sweatshirts now! As you know, white versus black is a better color choice to wear in the baking sun and will brighten up your day. This outfit is here to bring the heat on the street. White is leading the updates in must-have accessories and shoes, and as you know something sheer goes with everything. Pinterest will give you one million ways to wear a white tee and jeans. Not to mention, if you’re like me that’s plenty stylish for just about any occasion, and all you need to do is complete the look with the right accessories. Making a statement while remaining a classic is simple.

Top off your look

Accessorize in white accessories and slip-on white mules to complete your look. As an example, and don’t judge, I bought this pearl bag and retuned it. Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Went back to Forever 21 and bought it again. Let me remind you that if you can’t stop thinking about it – buy it! A beaded handbag was the best thing I bought this year and I constantly use it because it’s timeless and textured just like a puff sleeve top. Stark neutrals will brighten up every outfit. In contrast, pair it back to dark denim to complete a look for any time of the day. The perfect wash will break up an all-white look so you’re not lost in the snow. Subscribe to my email list so you don’t miss the next style blog!
Puff sleeve square neck top from Lucy Paris. Faux pearl tote bag in white from Forever 21. Levi’s Wedgie Fit skinny jean. Gianni Bini white heels from Dillard’s. Black and white stripe resin earrings from Forever 21.
Photo credit: Araya Photography 

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