The one reason why you need to be obsessed with the bustier trend

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. The bustier trend is the new power suit. Last season’s two piece set has nothing on the Victorian era. I am obsessed with the lingerie influenced latest fashion frenzy because it supports us and doesn’t shape us. It is the complete opposite look of menswear but just as powerful and doesn’t belong in the office.

Boning over bottle

Unlike the corset that emphasizes the bust-hip-waist ratio that we call the coke bottle body, the bustier does everything but manipulate our figures. What was once used to change the appearance of the body is now a fashion trend that women, like myself, are obsessed with. The only thing that can create an apple bottom that allows you to breathe is the gym. The bustier trend is not made from muscle. It doesn’t spot reduce. It is a cage that reinforces the very part of our bodies that holds our soul and unleashes our spirit. That makes it on powerful piece of clothing.

History repeats itself

My Mom always says “history repeats itself’. The support of the bustier and its biography that began in the Victorian era inspired our wedding theme and what I wanted in my wedding dress. It was a sexy and romantic fairytale inspired from my favorite silhouette. I’ve been drawn to the rib hugging, collar bone flaunting corset with its vintage feel. The shoulder baring style is a symbol of today’s modern woman who is feminine, strong and powerful.

A silhouette made for the street

It’s been fun putting on my wedding dress everyday for an Instagram picture, however it’s not exactly the corset style you can take to the street. The velvet bustier top with matching ruffle hem pant is easily accessorized with pearl handbag, pearl hoop earrings, and pointy-toe mules in white combining all the hottest vintage trends in one outfit. Ruffle details soften sculpted shoulders, define the waist, and highlight trending pointy toe mules. The two-piece set has movement and comfort from top to bottom replacing an originally stiff and constricting support that once existed.

Just like being a a badass woman is a complete contradiction, so is the bustier with its controlled shape and seductive power. The strapless bra top inspired from lingerie is strong but gentle. Sexy but sensual. No wonder why the delicate piece is fit for the streets.

Sugarlips Everest Strapless Floral Print Bustier Top from Dillard’s. Sugarlips Floral Velvet Ruffle Hem Pants from Dillard’s. Faux pearl tote bag in white from Forever 21. Gianni Bini buckle mules. Pearl hoop earrings from Forever 21.
long blonde hair

Photo credit: Araya Photography 

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