Sweatshirt and overall outfit is simple and so stylish

Hello, it’s me Bad to the Blonde. Sweatshirt season has just begun so instead of looking like a bum, don’t leave your look undone. Here is a look for anyone by simply adding a layer on that’s really fun! (That totally rhymed and it was still cute…anyway.) Cold weather has us reaching into our closets for the creator of all comfort. A sweatshirt and overall outfit is simple and so stylish.

I figured it would be a great time to go back to my high school days with the nineties trending, allowing women everywhere to feel young again. There is a way to wear a sweatshirt that combines our wisdom with our youthfulness. Layering on overalls was inspired from the good old days of hanging out in the parking lots (or ramps) back in high school. Hanging out in the evening sun is still “in”. Kid tested and if you’re a mom, well, I’m sure you’ll approve.

Overall outfit for play not work

Though it’s not appropriate for the office – there is a revised policy regarding sweatshirts at work by wearing a mini skirt – this way is brunch and ball game worthy. The latest jumpsuit trend in denim might have been something not quite your style or maybe the thought of having to wear heels to make it look fashionable isn’t happening either. In the case of the overall, there is a more versatile vibe and an ease to wear them. Not only can you layer underneath with ease, you can go from summer to winter. It’s one piece that you can literally wear through the whole year.

Layer on and layer under

It’s ok to get creative by layering over but keep it basic by pairing it with a sweatshirt underneath. The crewneck is comfortable and provides coverage but it’s not cropped, for say, a concert. When it comes to the overalls, cuff or crop ankle lengths are cool. The layered look is fashion-forward and it can only get better when it’s worn with the latest trending shoes or booties and a hair scarf! The L.A. vibe is back country worthy with a Gucci-inspired fashion sweatshirt from the shop. This overall outfit isn’t for the boys.

Black crop ankle destructed overalls from Forever 21. Blonde and boujee Gucci inspired floral stripe sweatshirt from Bad to the Blonde.

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